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27 - 29 May, 2005

Friday - Saturday One - Saturday Two - Sunday One - Sunday Two

Day 3: Sunday, 29 May, 2005 (cont'd)

We woke up bright and early (I think) and got ready for the morning sessions.

Vafa, representin'.

Misagh, representin'.

Dan, representin'.
(M.B. is in the background,
representin' his pillow)

To our delight, a continental breakfast was waiting for us downstairs!

Danishes! :9

Mmm... coffee, and the International
Service Bulletin... start your day
the pioneer way.

Enjoying breakfast with friends.

Smile, it's 8:30 AM!

Ssshhh... be vewy, vewy quiet... I'm hunting Mees!

Vahid (from Adelaide, Australia) wowed us with
his charm and wit and lack of jet-lag. Misagh,
however, remained skeptical

Slowly, more and more people woke up and joined us downstairs to socialize and partake of danishes, muffins, and various other pastries. The gracious hotel crew also provided coffee, tea and O.J. for the brave souls greeting the sun's gentle morning rays after last night's moving and serene commemoration.

Hey, BOOKS! Unity Arts rocks!

Winning smiles from the MTL crew.

The new look won't go too far, Misagh.
(click to enlarge)

Sunday mornings at youth conferences are generally reserved for wrap-ups and addresses from members of Bahá'í institutions. Gordon Naylor took to the stage first, representing the National Spiritual Assembly. He spoke to us about intensifying collaboration with our communities, and cited the need for individuals to surrender themselves to the Will of God if the earth is to function as a unified, coherent, and healthy whole.

G. N. in da hizzoooouuuuse!

Counsellor Rebequa Murphy addressed us afterwards on the issue of modernity, and the challenges and opportunities it creates for us. How do we live a sane, spiritual life in this world of decay, materialism and confusion? By living responsible lives - remembering at all times why we were created, dedicating ourselves to manifest spiritual principles in all our affairs, and serving others. (that's a very, very condensed version of an inspiring talk... sorry if it loses something in the HTML version.)

A rapt audience is challenged and enchanted.
If you weren't there, sucks to be you.

And of course - no Ontario youth conference would be the same without the Baha'i power pair themselves, Arman & Aryan. I hadn't seen them in so long so it was a real treat.


By the time it was all over we were so pumped and just wanted to hang around with each other forever. Of course we had to return to our respective homes and keep on living our respective lives so it was a long goodbye for everyone. We just love each other's company so much.

Raheleh and Delta, all smiles.

Of all the possible bad backgrounds for a photo...

Bird's-eye view.

The infamous Sarah pose!

Sarah tried to strangle me after I told her
that I was giving all my photos to Martin ;)

Whatever this is, it looks wrong.


Bye bye Jamal... back to Alberta!
(click to enlarge)

Same to you Jacintha...
we'll miss you both :(
(click to enlarge)

Pej: "Are you sure you're all right for a ride, Tazz?"

Tazz: "All right?! Of course!! I have the safest
pizza delivery guy in Ottawa driving me home!!"

Pej looks really cool when
he puts on his shades.
(click to enlarge)

Delta thinks so too!

It's just Payam.

Since the conference finished around lunch time, we felt it was appropriate for a big, multi-city group of us to share one final meal together as a send-off. After a few false starts (and more long goodbyes) we ended up in Montana at Montana's Steakhouse & Grill. We would have gone to this huge Chinese buffet (name withheld to protect the innocent), but they closed the restaurant right as we walked through the door. Oh well. At least at Montana's, we got crayons!

Leaving a note for posterity!

Sahba took the time to preview everybody's photos.

That's the patented Anisa Look™.

We love drawing... it reminds us of Ruhi Book 3!

Bronwyn, Chelsea, and... darn it...
I can't remember her name now.
Someone help me out?

By far the best photo from the conference.
(click to enlarge)

Toronto crew.

At left are Katie and husband Ali,
at right is Bronwyn again.
The Naylor sisters are awesome!

a final farewell to all of you... one love!!!
(click to enlarge)

Overall, it was an excellent conference. We'll see what's offered next year - if it's anything like this year, it's sure to be a blockbuster!

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