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About me

Dan Jones was born in Montréal, Québec in 1979, the youngest son of a family of Bahá'í pioneers. His father is an American-born writer and editor, and his mother is an Acadian-born artist. His family ended up in the Ottawa area in 1986 and stayed there for quite a while, where he received much of his primary school education in French, and the rest of it in English. After completing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and specializing in website and interface design, Dan packed up and left for Victoriaville, Québec, to offer a year of service to the Bahá'í community there. Once the year was up, he elected to spend some time pioneering in nearby Drummondville. Now, since his return to Ottawa in July 2004, he spends his time continuing to serve and volunteer in various aspects, creating new web designs, and making himself useful wherever he can. He enjoys music and singing, poetry, photography, cooking, kung fu movies, nature, kayaking, soccer, basketball, teaching, being of service to people, and sharing a laugh or two with friends. He currently works at the Conference Board of Canada, maintaining their website alongside co-webmaster Martin Braithwaite.

doberman pizza is a personal website he's maintained since March 1994. It's gone through many changes over its decade of existence, having acted as a testing ground for his web design skills.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I get in touch with you?
Use the email form.
Can you design my (website/promotional materials/whatever else)?
Maybe. Email me and we'll talk details.
What's your sign?
This one.
If you mean zodiac sun sign, then Sagittarius.
Check out MySpace for more yadda yadda.
How are you feeling?
Check my imood indicator, in the top left corner of each page. I update it with reasonable regularity.
How often do you post updates to your site?
I try to update the site at least once a week, and often (when I'm not too busy) I tend to update several times a week. When big important things are going on, I tend to blog about them so everybody knows. Check often, just in case.
What's a Bahá'í?
Email me and we'll talk about it! Or, if you'd rather just read, visit the website.
What's your pokéname?
Bertmon. I have a magic chest of hats. Fear me.

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