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25 September, 2004

Anisafest (aka "The Black & White Party") took place at the Smith residence in Kanata, and, living up to expectations, turned out to be a fun evening of dancing, socializing, and good food. Everyone (well, almost everyone) showed up dressed either in all white or all black, and the venue was expertly decorated with black and white streamers, balloons, napkins, plates, cutlery... The party lasted from 7 PM to 7 AM (although the pictures you'll see here were mostly taken before midnight!)


welcome to the party!


we watched some old, black-and-white cartoons
as part of the entertainment...


everyone was getting into the spirit!


does this remind you of a michael jackson song?


of course, requests for pictures soon began...


delta & setareh


delta, delara, setareh, and laleh... nice!
wait... those jeans aren't black or white...
(click to enlarge)


ayafor & jaleh. very nice.


brian, devon, andrea and elham start
a game of texas hold 'em poker.


deep in concentration




naysan sets up last-minute arrangements for
the party... or maybe he's selling stocks...


while in the next room, tech support
burns cd's and gets the phat beats ready.


the staircase leading down to the dance hall
(aka "the basement")


payam performs a sound check at the dj booth.


naysan checks connections on the cd player.


getting the tunes ready...


payam: "you put the cd in upside-down, fool!"
kam: "oh. I thought it was my copy of the
'scratchy static symphony orchestra'..."


meanwhile upstairs, anisa, inimitable in her hospitality,
plays hostess to the throngs of steadily-arriving youth.


"hey, anisa, we invited a few extra guests.
did you buy enough pizza for 350 people?"


arash, looking excited as usual.


vafa, looking a little too excited...


then martin arrived, to set things straight.


...or so we thought.


a quartet of webmasters. TAKE IT EAS... oh forget it.
(click to enlarge)


martin, dressed in white and carrying
an ornate african walking stick.


kamran was so happy to see martin
he could barely contain himself.


no blurry pictures, please!


(click to enlarge)


elham demonstrates what you find
when you look up the word 'radiant'
in the dictionary.


hey unc! get out of the way already!


okay... better... now look at the camera!


it's a black 'n' white thing, fellas. aww yeah.


we were graced with the presence of several
bahá'í youth newly arrived in the ottawa area
from uruguay. (here are stefani (left) and
monique (right), sisters... and natalie is the
third sister)


they've got the look.


and suddenly, the DESSERT arrived!


the crowd is really looking forward to this dessert.


laleh & setareh, chillin' in black & white.




people slowly proceeded downstairs, where
the beats were thumping and the strobe
lights were blinking
... (AVI, 2MB)


black light!


spooky strobe-lit unc.


wigged-out rave-y strobe photos rock!


just too cool to leave out.


aya and setareh, by the door to
the dance floor/basement..
(click to enlarge)


it's hard to point your camera in total darkness...
so the furnace was in this shot too.


some preferred to shoot a little pool...


and some preferred to bounce
on a red balloon!


we had glow-bracelets, too!


naysan and payam do the hustle.


is that the funky chicken?


go basim!






So, as I said, the party continued until the wee hours of the morning, when the survivors ambled back to their cars and returned to their places of repose in order to sleep off the rest of Sunday. Yours truly left early, however (ahem... 12:30 AM) and it should be said that the party had just got going. However, others were brave enough to stay longer, and took some extra photos while they were at it. Check out those photos on!

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