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July 2004

My brother's in-laws have a cottage (read: trailer) by the shores of Big Rideau Lake, down where cell phones don't work, less than an hour southwest of Ottawa, along the small, sleepy local roads. They were gone for a week (taking a cruise, I think), so he, his wife Tamara, and daughter Zea drove up to have some quiet time and enjoy life a little. We came up one day to visit them. I took the opportunity to enjoy the healing effects of nature after the stress of my recent period of pioneering.

NOTE: All these pictures can be enlarged somewhat by clicking on them.


Grandma Jones and Zea learn how to operate
the mysterious and colourful bubble wand.


Jupiter Jones (my bro's black Lab).


Jupiter looking sad because he's not
on the porch with his peeps.


Zea clamours for Papa's attention.


Zea explores the condiment section.
"Hmmm... yeah... I bet I could make
me a big phat mess with THAT!"


Hadi (my bro) and Grampa Jones (aka my dad).


"Worship me!!! I AM CUTE!!!!"


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