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10 October, 2004

Thanksgiving conjures up memories of good food, good company, being together with family and being grateful for all the good things we have. Of course what usually sticks out is the food. For us it's turkey, stuffing, gravy, carrots, broccoli, mashed potatoes with gravy, and of course cranberry sauce. Oh and mom's homemade pickles, too. Here's a little scrapbook put together from the Jones family's last Thanksgiving.


zea's so cute when she's sleeping.

my bro was driving us out to Cumberland... the middle of the wilderness

my parents' yard... this is fifteen years of
hardcore gardening on mom's part.

a view through the leaves to the park next door.

it's crabapple season!

pinky, our aging beagle.

sidney, our aging cat (looking for cuddles).

sidney getting cuddles (though maybe not
the way he wanted them)

jack, our beatnik cat.

see? doesn't that look like a goatee?

mom, cutting up turkey giblets for the cats.

zea tries feeding some to jack, who of course
hangs around on the floor and meows insistently.

hard at work.

catherine, trying out her new style.

look up... waaaaay up!

zea liked jack a lot.

grandmother and granddaughter spend some
quality time... mom obviously imparting some
special wisdom to zea.


ohhhhh yeah.

zea... purposely ignoring me or just trying to
wriggle out of the chair?


around the dinner table...

pumpkin pie!

cookies! and muffins!

If you're wondering why I didn't take any pictures of us eating dinner - take it easy! I was too busy eating! See you again next year ;)

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