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July 23rd, 2004

On July 23rd, 2004, Dan and Catherine Jones hosted a CABS potluck and discussion group at their home in Sector 9. The evening was full of good food and deep discussion, which centred around topics such as popular culture, the phenomenon of social drinking, Bahá'í laws prohibiting the use of drugs and alcohol, and our attitude towards those who suffer from alcoholism and other addictions. The discussion, at times challenging, was punctuated with characteristic displays of humor and camaraderie (and dancing). The participants unanimously declared the evening a success and ended with cookies and phat beats.


Oliver (eating; hence the long face)

Admiring the big painting

Kamran and Tazz

Tazz meets Robocop

Jamal (visiting from Alberta)

Not for the faint of heart...


Chilling after the discussion

Tazz and her "get real" pose

Mees and Oliver (caught him again w/ mouth full)

Oliver's spooky ID card

Mees listens intently

Kitchen ambiance

Tazz shows off her mad slap-dancing skillz


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