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3 December, 2004

Surrounded by a gang of goofy Bahá'í friends, Andisheh celebrated her (??)th birthday at the famous Saffron Restaurant on the 3rd of December (her birthday is actually on the 1st). After the Persian food, we high-tailed it over to the Oh So Good Dessert Café, one of Ottawa's most interesting nighttime offerings.


the girl of the hour.


the dinner arrives.


arash, eating his kebab.


jaleh, eating her kebab.
note the proper persian eating etiquette
(i.e. fork AND spoon) as opposed to the blatant
non-persianness evidenced in the previous photo.




dinner ambience.


martin, filled to the brim and
about to pop.


the obligatory blurry photo of martin!


anisa, posing for an MSN picture.


arash, mocking anisa.


vafa pretending to crush a can on elham's head.


nice samovar!


"Hands up, all those who'd like to finish the
evening going to a questionable karaoke bar...
Anyone? Should I repeat the question?"


andisheh is pensive as catherine exposes
the options for the night's dénouement.


group shot!


and now with a flash!
hey... where'd martin go?


oh wait, never mind, he's just
taking another picture.


this is the shot that "mysteriously" got
"edited" out of a certain photo of me holding
my camera and smiling... perhaps you've seen it?


your car awaits, ma'am.


warming up and showing off the rings
(disclaimer: no, they're not wearing matching
rings... the one on the right is an engineer's iron ring...
and everyone knows engineers don't get married ;)


vafa snarls at sarah for hogging the candle.


chillin' at oh so good, waiting for a nicer table
to get freed up.


watch out phil! ZOMBIE ATTACK!!!


andisheh pointing out the cake she wants.


a close-up picture: "raspberry blast"...




blurry, but artsy.


catherine's attempt to give me some
sort of fuzzy halo (i.e. the painting
in the background)


hey kids... wanna pour wax on your hands?
you don't know what you're missing...


...a lot of SEARING WHITE HOT PAIN!!!!


spooky andi.


good night, oh so good!


BONUS: leroy and hadi, whooping it up at CABS's
last activity of the year (and imitating rappers).
I was hanging out at the CABS meeting before
busing over to Saffron.

BONUS #2: payam stars in his very own video clip!


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