tackling racism together

The Montreal Gazette just ran a story about the Multicultural Society at Laurier Macdonald High School, quoting a Montreal Baha’i youth, Mona Ghadirian, in the process:

Mona Ghadirian, a past president of the Multicultural Society, was on hand to talk about the Baha’i faith.

“We’re here to make sure that individuals, although they are very diverse, can come together and be united in one common goal,” said the 18-year-old Marianopolis College student. “And that goal is the unity and diversity of humankind, and the main goal of world peace.”

Ghadirian’s involvement with the club taught her a lot, including how to overcome a fear of public speaking.

“At the beginning, when there was a mic in front of me, I kind of froze,” she said. “But I learned to be confident in what I know and how to express it. And now I feel like I’ve grown a lot in those two years.”

The quote is at the bottom of the first page, regarding her participation at the school’s recent commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Racism. Mona is cool. Read the story!

loup-garou / werewolf

wolf game 2A party-game sensation has been sweeping the nation… or, at least, the Ottawa Baha’i youth. It’s called “Loup-garou” or “Werewolf”; we generally call it “The Wolf Game”. It’s a discussion-based game of persuasion and intrigue. The rules are fairly simple. One person narrates the game, and hands out cards to each player. Players who receive Aces become the wolves, the player with the Queen becomes the old lady (aka the Seer), and the player with the Joker becomes Harry Potter (aka the Angel). Everyone else is a simple villager. The goal is for the wolves to take out all the villagers—or for the villagers to take out all the wolves. Every round, the village goes to sleep, and several things happen: the Old Lady peeks at someone’s card to determine whether or not they are a wolf; the Wolves choose someone to kill; and Harry Potter, who knows which person the wolves have chosen to kill, decides whether or not to save that person (which he can do only once). When the sun rises in the morning, the accusations start, and the village tries to figure out who is a wolf. That’s where the real fun starts, as each player tries to shift the suspicion away from themselves and onto others… Read about the game, its history and its variations.

wolf game ambienceSalut tout le monde. Vous cherchez un jeu amusant à jouer avec vos amis (courants et futurs)? Essayez donc le jeu des loups-garous, un jeu d’embrouilles, d’intrigue, et de persuasion qui devient vite le préféré des jeunes baha’is d’Ottawa… les règles sont simples: un narrateur raconte le jeu et distribue les cartes de jeu. Les joueurs ayant des as deviennent les loups-garous, celui ayant la dame devient la vieille femme, et celui ayant le fou ou “joker” devient Harry Potter. Tous les autres ne sont que de simples villageois. Chaque tour (ou chaque “soirée”), plusieurs choses arrivent: la vieille dame jette un coup d’oeil à la carte de quelqu’un, pour voir s’ils sont loups-garous ou non; les loups-garous se mettent ensemble pour tuer un des villageois; et Harry Potter, sachant quel joueur a été ciblé par les loups, a la chance de lui sauver la vie – mais seulement une fois par jeu! Dès l’aube, les accusations commencent, et les villageois se mettent à la chasse aux loups-garous… c’est là où débute l’intrigue, tout comme les joueurs, loups-garous et villageois, tentent de détourner les soupçons envers les autres… Jetez un coup d’oeil aux règles du jeu, ou familiarisez-vous avec la version commerciale: Les Loup-garous de Thiercelieux.

neby photos neby pictures hee hee

ok, so I didn’t end up going to NEBY Fest (aka the Northeast Baha’i Youth Festival). That doesn’t mean I can’t live the experience vicariously through the photos of others. Check back regularly to this post; I’ll be adding more photo sets as I find them.

Set 1Set 2Set 3

tahirih goes to new york

tahirih & companyMartinsQuest.com has the following announcement on Tahirih Naylor’s upcoming move to New York City:

On Sunday January 22nd, just 17 months after we helped her unload her things into her apartment on Laurier, we will be having an all-inclusive going-away party for Tahirih at Saffron’s Persian Restaurant at 6:30pm and then chilling afterward at Anisa’s. Clear your schedule and come out since she wants to see everyone there! Dinner starts at 6:30pm

Tahirih’s tireless work for the National Spiritual Assembly’s Office of Governmental Affairs brought her to Ottawa, and her devotion has landed her a position with the Baha’i International Community, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that both encompasses and represents the world-wide membership of the Bahá’í Faith. Apparently, I knew this before anyone else did. Go figure. Make sure to join us at Saffron’s tomorrow to wish Tahirih well in this next chapter of the unfolding story of her life.

Update: Dinner was awesome and the after-party at Anisa’s was delightfully wolfy. Check out the “official” photos on Martin’s smugmug site.

north east US baha’i youth conference

Delta alerted me to the upcoming NEBY Fest 2006 (where NEBY == North East Baha’i Youth), which is happening February 17th-20th in Stamford, Connecticut (site of WWE headquarters, among other things). Where is Stamford? Here. It’s right on the coast, north of Long Island, and within an hour of New York City. Apparently NEBY Fest is the largest youth conference of its kind in the US (probably even in North America). Maybe you should go! If you do, call Delta and start hooking up rides for the weekend.

Registration is $50 USD before January 31st; Family rates are also available before that date. They accept credit cards, and you can fax in your registration form. FYI.

advance pictures

canada day crowd, ottawaif you want to see some advance pictures from the July 2nd youth hang-out at Lac Philippe, check out (gasp!) Kamran’s photo album (MSN Passport required). The pictures are mine, and a lot of them are of Marty and Kam wrestling, but there are other, more representative photos as well – BBQ photos, card games, tackle football, etc. Oh yeah, and happy birthday to Kam – his birthday was on Canada Day. Speaking of which, check out some of my Canada Day photos on my photoblog.