’twas brillig

my it certainly is brillig today. I’m keeping myself busy at work, and I’m waiting for a call from my insurance agent so I can make a clear decision about taking my courtesy car in. hopefully they’ll pay the drop-off fee.

I still have yet to get my photos developed from the holidays, because I keep leaving the film somewhere and forgetting it. bummer.

speaking of bummers, man, I gotta get some rest. This is all part of the benefits of tests, really, they force you to learn how to live properly. in my case, I tend to push myself past my limits, or ignore my limits completely. and the result is that I fall apart and get sick and otherwise run myself into the ground.

more news as it comes in. I plan to rest tonight, if I can.


so, I’m back in Victoriaville after two and a half weeks’ worth of eventful vacation. and, well, it was pretty wacky too. I started working the day after I got back and have only now started feeling vaguely rested. man. I think that was the roughest start I’ve ever had. Objectively speaking. I had a few misgivings when I first started the job because I wasn’t 100% sure what I was supposed to be doing, but as it turns out, it’s started rather well. I know what I’m doing now 🙂 This is going to be cool.

oh yes and I called the garage today, and they said the insurance company called and declared my car totaled — so I guess I won’t be driving back with it. :/ oh well. that’s a bummer. Well we’ll see what happens now. The good news is that one of the local Bahá’ís offered to let me use his spare car — which is sitting in his garage not being used — at least while I’m still at work. wow. that’s pretty amazing and generous. I’m very grateful. Of course, now I have a weekend to figure out all the arrangements and paperwork 😉

I wonder how that’ll go.

I think I’ll go out walking tonight in the -15 C weather and take my photos in to be developed. it’s only 5 minutes, and I’ll get some nice fresh air. then? a shower. and then? go to bed 😛

peace out y’all. nice to see you’re reading all the way to the bottom!

cows, wood, trucks, and computers

well, I have a job! good stuff. it’s a three-month contract with the SADC (Société d’aide au développement des collectivités). they’re an organization funded by Canada Economic Development, and they do things like give grants to local businesses, entrepreneurs (especially young ones) who want to start a business, and so on. I’ll be an all-around computer guy, teaching people how to use internet, setting up computers and networks, and various other tasks. I’ll have more details once the job starts. mmm, economic development. good stuff. there’s a lot of need for economic development in this region — from what I hear, anyway. it seems all there is here is cows, wood, and trucks. and sometimes, there are even trucks carrying wooden cows. that’s rare, though. ok, no, that’s a joke. but I’m integrated now, so I can make those jokes.

the job search club paid off. I think the greatest benefit I got from it was being forced to push through the fear and the doubt that surrounded me in calling employers. I come out of it with a… different outlook on life, actually. I feel different. as if something inside me’s changed. I’ve been on the other side of those doubts and fears and seen that they’re vaporous, baseless. I can see the other side of the barrier and I wonder why it ever stopped me before. If only I had believed in myself earlier. I would have realized that I had no reason not to believe.

and that’s a thought that I’m meditating and praying on. I need all the support I can get in this reflection. But it’s a support that isn’t expressed through words. If you happen to want to help… offer prayers 😉

earth can never cloud its splendour, nor water quench its flame…

twenty three skidoo

lots of stuff always happens in my life nowadays. I guess that’s good. I haven’t been bored in a long, long time.

I am actively searching for work right now. I’ve had enough of joe jobs. And web site contracts are okay, but contracts don’t really replace a salary IMHO. What I need at this point in my life is a stable job that will allow me to live, gain experience, and give me time to serve the Faith as well.

oh and by the way, I’m 23 years old now. many thanks to those of you out there who sent cards, e-cards, letters, or other correspondence. I celebrated by baking my own cake and recording my own birthday song. woohoo!

what do I really want for my birthday? sigh. I want a job 😉 but that’ll come with effort, courage, and perseverance. and a lot of smiling and speaking French.

much love to my homies. peace out.

feeling weirdly good

Arrggh razzen frazzen french keyboard layout. Anyway, I went and had a nice group info session with Manon from Accès-Travail, and signed up to a job research club. Yay! Hopefully this way I can put some effort into gaining skills and experience in the job market. Gotta learn how to sell myself well, how to be efficient. I’m glad I can do this right now… I think I’ve really needed it and I just never took the chance to do it before I left university. too bad, but hey, that’s in the past. right now I just know I’m taking care of myself and giving myself something that I really needed. Man, I could use some potatoes right about now. French fries. Mmmmm. I want french fries.

Ok peace out y’all.


so, just to let you all know, i got re-evaluated at work today (since my training period was up), and they decided not to keep me on. i met with my boss today and we had a good talk about it. he explained why i was being let go, and we reached an understanding. he even suggested to me where i could direct my steps to get better work. i won’t go through all the details here, but just to say that i’m now gainfully unemployed, that i left on good terms, and that i have lots of options open to me. i plan to join up with the local job research club and see if i can find something a lot better.

sometimes God does weird things. and we may grumble and curse and moan at the outset, but generally, once we accept it, we see that those weird things are exactly what we needed in order to grow. more news as it comes in. i’m happy.