job situation looking up

hello all you friends and family and good people who are interested in my simple life. Here’s an update from my side of the street. I had my first day of work in Drummondville on Thursday the 8th; it was just a short little contract, for an arpenteur-géomètre (i.e. a surveyor) who needed someone to install some network cards and get his network up and running. but it was work, and I was real happy to get it. I’ve been hanging around the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi since the job search club ended, and it seems to have paid off — one of the people who works there knows someone who might have another contract for me, this time to put together a database with Microsoft Access, and for 4 to 6 weeks no less. So things are definitely looking up.

On the bleah side, I was sick yesterday… some sort of stomach bug. I had to postpone my visit to Défi-Emploi Drummond to today because I was getting some serious runs and dizziness and stuff. It’s much better today. I drank lots of fluids, mom. Lemon and honey in hot water. 😉

Lots more people in Drummondville know me now than when I first came here. I think I’m doing much better than when I came to Victoriaville. I’ve got the hang of this stuff now. By the grace of God, I’ll find something interesting (at good pay).

Things are heating up for the Montreal Bahá’í Youth Conference. Only 6 more days! we’re booked at 96% capacity! Reserve your spot now, don’t be left out!

the story so far

well, fun fun fun! I’m feeling now. things are starting to go in my efforts to establish myself in Drummondville. Yesterday I dropped in at the Cégep to hand in a resumé, and I also took some to talk with one of the teachers in the IT department. That was . After that, since I was in town, I went to see some apartments near the Cégep. They were pretty . I really liked one of them, and I back to see if I could put my name in for it. I left a , so hopefully they’ll get back to me today.

Later, during the , I popped by Marc and Nicole Lachance’s house, where they had invited a Bahá’í family from London (Ontario) for dinner. They play (really well, too); during the they performed at the restaurant in a local supermarket. Too bad I missed that. Anyway, there was , , and when the night was over they took a of everyone together.

was that good?

pretty big things are happening

Among other things, I recently accepted an invitation to serve on the Comité de Coordination des Conférences des Jeunes (they coordinate Bahá’í youth conferences here in Quebec; aka the 3CJ). I’m overjoyed and ecstatic. 🙂 The 3CJ is currently planning the upcoming youth conference in Montreal.

As well, me and a bunch of youth from the area went down to Danville on Saturday (the 15th) to bake bread and study the Bahá’í Writings. It was quite fantastic. I was real tired afterwards though. I drove from Victoriaville to Trois-Rivières to Drummondville to Danville to Drummondville to Trois-Rivières to Victoriaville in one day. If that’s not a christening ceremony for my new car I don’t know what is 🙂 I brought back a bag full of bread. The proceeds are going to the Bahá’í Youth of Uashat (a First Nations reserve near Sept-Îles), so they can attend the upcoming youth conference in Montreal.

I visited Accès-Travail today (where I took part in the job search club) and got some pointers for finding a job in Drummondville. It’ll take determination and effort. no barley cross fingers! I want to do it right this time, or at least quasi-right 😉 Once I find a good job I’ll be better able to pay for my registration for the upcoming youth conference in Montreal.

Speaking of jobs, my job at the SADC is going well. I’m still giving classes every morning at the Golden Agers’ club here in Victoriaville (a ten-minute walk from my house) and working on various other projects. At the moment I’m in the public library in Norbertville, a little town on the outskirts of Victoriaville. I installed Flash on one of the computers and I’m teaching it to myself. Tomorrow evening I’ll be off to Laurierville (about 45 minutes or so away) to give part 2 of an introductory class to computers. It’s going quite well. I think I’m developing a taste for teaching, and nobody I talk to seems to be suprised. They seem to see it in my character. It’s nice work. It’s nice to be paid, too. The more I get paid, the more gas I can pay for so I can go to the upcoming youth conference in Montreal.

Do I sound like I’m selling something? Sorry.

Well, I’m not all that sorry, actually 😉

car, home, and job

good evening fellow hopefuls. I woke up in Sherbrooke at Guylaine and Chakda’s place (Guylaine is the sister of Geneviève, one of the recent pioneers to Victoriaville) and Chakda drove me over to Bel-Air Direct so I could straighten out my insurance issues and get a big phat check for the value of the car that I totaled. Woohoo!

Then I got on the bus to Drummondville, and discovered that I had gotten there too late to catch the 11h00 bus to Victoriaville, so I had to wait around until 14h10, when the next bus came. So I hung around with some of the Bahá’ís in Drummondville (namely France and Jessika, who live near the bus terminal) until it came.

Then I got to Victoriaville and everything was superb.

Then I started calling people and everything was all good.

Then I called people again and it was fantastic.

Then I typed this and it was tubular.

Then I went over to the Centre Emmaüs to sing happy songs about God and it was great!

My shoulder hurts.

Anyway, I suppose I should touch on at least part of what I wanted to say instead of being silly. It seems like when you make up your mind on a goal, everything falls into place. Or, at the very least, you set into motion the wheels and cogs and neurons inside your head that alert you to opportunities and make you do the right things in order to fulfill your goal. Today, while I was in Drummondville, I popped over to the Ellis Business College, where I heard they were hiring people. I had a real nice chat with a really friendly and helpful guy, and he gave me a few pointers as to where else I could look for work, who I could talk to, and so forth. I’ll give them a copy of my CV. After that, when I popped over to France and Jessika’s (Jessika is France’s daughter), France called up her old landlord, who she says is real nice, and asked him if he had any apartments going up for rent in April. And wouldn’t you know it, he did, a small 2 1/2. It’s right next to a bar, though. But hey, it’s a start! And the rent’s not much more expensive than what I’m paying right now.

Suffice to say, perhaps, that I had a pretty good day. I don’t really like missing work, of course — because I’ll have to make it up — but, well, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

More later. ta-ta!

busy day

hello. today’s a busy day! I’m working at home this morning, developing websites. (woohoo!) after lunch, I’ll head off to Thetford Mines for a meeting with the regional coordinator for the CAP program (which I’m working on); I might also stop by to say hello to some people in Thetford Mines, if there’s time. Later tonight I’ll be off to Montreal, as Ruhi book 6 starts this weekend!

wow. and I haven’t gone crazy yet? I must be adjusting to this lifestyle. as usual, I just have to be careful that I don’t suffer a nervous breakdown.

I think it helps to express the things I feel, you know. It lets off steam. If I didn’t admit it when I was feeling bad, I’d still feel bad. If I just put it out there in the open like that, then at least it’s out of me, it’s just this normal feeling that people feel and it’s not this thing I keep hidden inside me that stresses me out even though I don’t want to say it stresses me out. It’s a feeling, people feel them all the time.

sometimes you can’t help but feel sad. and what I need to know right now, what I need to learn and really accept, is that feeling sad is all right, and so is feeling angry, and feeling scared, and feeling annoyed, and feeling in love, and feeling whatever else. they’re just feelings. they pass, and feeling them and talking about them helps them pass easier.

not often you see a guy talking about these things huh?

oh by the way, in case you’re wondering, I’m downloading someone’s website with FTP, and it’s taking a while. that’s why I’m sitting here typing this. otherwise I would be working on something terribly important. I guess that’s a pretty poor excuse. oh well. I’d rejoin something terribly sarcastic but I am typing this for polite company 😉

lunch break update

hey, I’m at work, it’s my lunch break. Work is going pretty well; I’ve been travelling this week. Wednesday I returned my courtesy car to Drummondville (and got a friend lost in the process… ooops), and stopped into Warwick to visit someone for work; Thursday I went to St-Ferdinand, again for work — really nice town, and a light snow was falling, which made driving difficult, but it was beautiful; and today I went to Norbertville, yet again for work. I’m seeing quite a bit of the countryside. I like it, too. I say a prayer in each place I go to. You never know what can happen. 🙂

Oh yes, and I’m borrowing a car from one of the local Baha’is; it’s a K-Car! Sure, it’s not as sexy as the Saturn, and it’s certainly not as fuel-efficient as the courtesy car (which was a Hyundai Accent), nor as safe as either of these. But it drives well, it’s not falling apart, and it’s certainly got a charm all its own. Still, I’ll probably keep looking for something else. I’ve been suggested the Toyota Echo as a good, economical car (money-wise and gas-wise). Anybody have any thoughts on that? I would be driving with it quite a bit.

Ah, the future. All we can ever do is guess. More later. Lunch break’s over.