It’s cold today. I look out my window and see little dunes forming in the snow from the wind that twists and snakes around, leaving pockmarks and craters from the fall of some snowy divot kicked up by the icy breeze. The sun is setting now, casting long shadows and blinding drivers on their homeward treks.

That was my attempt at sounding deep. I’m not gonna keep it up because I’m not feeling really deep right now — plus, some guys are painting the office and the fumes are starting to get to my brain. I think if I keep going I’ll end up sounding like Tolkien on crack. Anyway, I wanted to share some good news with you — Kelly, my manager, came to me today and told me that they’d like to extend my contract from the end of April to the end of September. I haven’t signed any paperwork that makes it official yet, but it’s a welcome sign that they appreciate my work. Yay!

okay, gotta go. take care now.

fasting can be fun

Don’t ever break the Fast with coffee and a big slab of chocolate fudge cake. Ever.

The Fast began on Wednesday, March 2nd, so me and the rest of the Bahá’ís in this time zone just finished Day 3. I’m staying at work a little later than usual so I can work on a website project for one of the Bahá’ís in Victoriaville – it’s for a not-for-profit organization that does socioeconomic development work in the Bois-Francs. It’s going along well – the longer I work here at the Conference Board of Canada, the more I get to sharpen my web design skills and exercise my creative side. No matter what sort of distance I’ve put between myself and my artistic, creative side, it’s always come back full force to become a dominating mode of expression for me. It’s nice – I see this as leading me back to a better knowledge of my own identity as a special, unique creation of God – as each one of us is, no? Anyway. I’d really like to keep working at this job, it’s excellent experience. I’ve heard rumours that my contract may be extended, and hopefully they may prove to be true.

Have you visited Martin’s website lately? He’s got a neat little PHP script all hacked up for the Fast. It displays fast times for Ottawa and everything. Speaking of other people’s websites, here’s some neat info I’ve found about some interesting upcoming events:

  • March 5: Vafa is having an 80’s Movie Devotional… DON’T MISS IT!
  • March 11-12: has a note about the upcoming Wildfire Youth Workshop/Social and Public Performance.
  • March 20: Nika Naimi sent me the url for information on the upcoming Montréal Naw-Rúz party.
  • March 26: Aaaaand of course there’s Celebration 162, the Greater Toronto Area’s notorious annual Naw-Rúz party.

Depending on circumstances (including how well I think I’ll hold up, and whether I can find my way down there), I might go down to the Victoriaville area for Naw-Rúz. If so, I’ll be sure to take pictures. Much love for les Québécois. Je vous aime et je pense à vous! Oh, speaking of finding one’s way – if you like maps, visit Google Maps. It’s still in beta, but it’s good. Darn good.

Aight I’m out. Off to have a blast. Friday night rox0rs.

christmas and random interesting anecdotes

Today’s a festive day at work. For one thing, it appears that our external network connectivity is down. Huzzah! Of course, I can still blog, so it’s not entirely down, but goodness knows, we all need a little loss of network connectivity. It allows us time to look around us and take stock of where we are in life, to feel grateful for family and friends, and to take care of the little things like picking little slivers of skin out of the folds next to our fingernails, sweeping crumbs off our desks, and tossing out month-old post-it notes.

Anyway, besides that, today’s “Goodies Day” in Publishing. I brought over a bunch of Tim Horton’s goodies, such as cinnamon rolls, pecan butter tarts, and their specialty December donuts (named “Chocolate Snowflake”; they’re sprinkled with cocoa powder). Others brought cookies, frosted muffins, crab roll things — and not everyone’s here yet. I’m looking forward to it. I like goodies. Call me attached to the things of this world, but I do like and enjoy good food. Anyway, further to the goodies in Publishing today, IT is supposedly having its potluck lunch tomorrow. So pizza (and apple crisp, maybe) is in order for Thursday. Add to that the fact that my workload has been reduced to near-zero thanks to diligently slicing through the glut of requests that clogged my inbox last week, and I’d have to say that this week has been a pretty good week.

I’ve been getting a lot of spam. Today I got a message entitled: “What Al-Quran says about: Devil / Satan”. It’s supposedly a live discussion over Internet hosted by some Quran-study group based in Pakistan. They offer a study session in Urdu. I think I’ll attend that one. Not.

Ok, time for work now. Here’s looking at you.

mug thief!

It seems that someone stole my mug at work. it wasn’t just an old whatever mug, this was a phat-looking insulated mug. I guess that’s why it got jacked. Carrying that thing around is like driving around in a souped-up BMW with $5,000 hubcaps. I mean, I looked all around for it, but the fact is, I remember leaving it on my desk when I left work on Friday, and Monday morning it was gone. Apparently this isn’t the first time someone’s had their mugs swiped here, either; one of the editors who used to work in the Publishing department reported having been robbed by a mug thief once. I just can’t understand why someone would want to steal mugs, though. Of all the things in life that you could steal, why a mug? Why not steal my computer? My chair? The TEAMWORK poster in back of my desk? Those TEAMWORK posters must go for a lot on the black market. “TEAMWORK IS THE ABILITY TO WORK TOGETHER TOWARD A COMMON VISION.” It even has the obligatory bad grammar/sentence fragment: “THE ABILITY TO DIRECT INDIVIDUAL ACCOMPLISHMENT TOWARD ORGANIZATIONAL OBJECTIVES.” That’s not a sentence. That’s just one big noun phrase. Business-speak is weird. Use good grammar. I want my mug back. 🙁


QUICK NOTE – to follow up the phatness from last sunday aft, we are meeting up to do prayer-capades again, this Sunday afternoon at 1 PM, @ Catherine & Dan’s pad in sector 9. come get your skates on. come have cookies and hot chocolate and pray in front of the fire. come in droves. let your friends know. or, if you can’t come, tell somebody else to come. and if you can’t tell somebody else to come, then God bless you.

Today has been the most insanest week (that was for you, Catherine). Lots of work coming in all at once – I guess everyone wants to get their web updates in before the Christmas holidays. One positive side-effect of the holidays is the celebratory luncheons where they give you boxes of chocolates and stress balls with smiley faces on them.

Who’s going out on vacation during the holidays? All my family are close by this year, so I’m thinking I won’t be doing many great trips. I was considering going out and visiting friends in Quebec, but I think that might be too much of a strain for me right now. Of course, the very interesting Quebec Youth Conference is in the beginning of January, down in my old digs, and I am planning on showing up there. So, what are the rest of you doing during your holidays? Are you planning on celebrating Christmas? What sort of meaning does it have for you, if any? Is it just a pleasant family get-together? A hellish stress-out and money pit? Or does it have some sort of real, living spiritual significance for you? Do you love or hate Jimmy Stewart? Are you celebrating something else instead, like Kwanzaa, or Hanukkah or (as Farshid suggested recently) Chrismukkah?

feeling hot hot hot


this is so phat. I just keep getting extended. these people really seem to love me. I was chatting with my boss this morning after showing off the work I’ve been doing on the Access reports, and she asked me if I would be interested in coming back after the Christmas holidays for a MINIMUM of four weeks. WAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAA FREAK OUT

I’m happy, even though it’s raining. there are lessons in this.