grey blahs and piles of snow for skiing

rue saint-louisstill feeling pretty down and blah. many thanks to the friends who sent little notes of concern and encouragement over the past few days. it seems like I’ve got a case of the winter blues. sad. or maybe SAD. oh well. if that’s the case, at least it’s good news to hear that I’m not clinically depressed. I just need more serotonin yum yum. and I probably need to cut out some of the sweets from my diet (i.e. no more homemade prozac).

The Rideau Canal‘s open, which means the outdoor skating rinks must be open too. Whoever wants to do some skating around, drop me a line. I’ll probably break out my skates and have some fun on the canal soon – gotta remember to get them sharpened. Skiing would be great, too – Catherine just went out to Mont Cascades with friends over the weekend, and apparently it was great.

sigh. still feeling blah and still got my head in some grey clouds. I’m gonna go dump my hot chocolate and get some plain old water. that might help me flush some of the chemicals out of my body.

I’m thinking I should redo the experiment I did a while back, and take some more time to reach out in friendship, to connect with the people around me and to get to know them a little better. last time I tried it, it seemed to have some positive effects on my life in general. I feel like there’s still a lot I have to learn about what friendship really means and how it works – although I’ve come a long way in the past few years. Anyway.

it’s raining!


it was about time, too. things were getting way too humid here. a good rain is just what we needed.

holy moly aurora

Did you know there was a space storm over the weekend? A really big one. According to slashdot, it was A Significant Event. Apparently the whole world was covered with auroras. Someone needs to tell me next time something like that happens!

hi mom!

happy mothers’ day 🙂

It’s such a beautiful day today!!! it’s sunny, the sky is clear and blue. birds are singing everywhere. Catherine and I went for a walk this afternoon and I recorded a robin singing. Robins sing so sweetly. And they’re beautiful too. ahhh spring. hmm, did you know that we’re in the middle of the Baha’i month of Beauty? The Baha’i Calendar consists of 19 months of 19 days, all of which are named after attributes of God. We’re currently in the third month: The month of “Jamál”, the Arabic word for “Beauty”. There’s a whole song that we use to remember the names of the months.

That reminds me, I have to prepare for my time off at the end of this month. I’m taking a week off at the end of May, and I’ll be going to visit my peeps in Quebec. Holla back. It’s been a while since I’ve been back to visit, so this’ll be a well-deserved time to plug back in with my old friends up there.

Oyez, oyez: C’est exact, je vais retourner au Québec pour un bout vers la fin du mois de mai et début juin. J’aimerais bien passer voir tout le monde. C’est dommage que je n’aie pas plus de temps pour faire tout le grand tour… pour le moment j’ai l’intention de passer par Trois-Rivières, Victoriaville et Drummondville. Si je peux bien planifier tout mon temps, ça se peut que je passe aussi par Sherbrooke. En tout cas, si vous voulez arranger quelque chose, faites-moi signe et on se jasera ça. Ça me ferait trop plaisir de revoir autant de monde que possible!!!

the green, green grass of home

has it really been five days since I last posted something? okay. Happy Ridván, everybody. See Martin’s pictures of the election of the Spiritual Assembly in Ottawa (warning: high bandwidth needed), as well as a list of Assemblies formed in Québec this year. The India Times has another interesting article about Ridván on its website, too.

The grass is so green now that we’ve had a good couple of weeks of rain. I’ve been seeing kids running around playing in it, people throwing frisbees about, and so forth. Today it’s cloudy, so few people are feeling perky enough to run about. Bahá’u’lláh often talks about clouds in terms of mercy and grace. In one of His prayers, we find the following supplication: “Rain down, then, upon me out of the clouds of Thy bounty that which shall profit me in every world of Thy worlds.” So we need rain as much as we need sun, no? The grass certainly does.

You may remember the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL); they won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for their efforts in securing a ban on landmines. The campaign received a lot of press in the Canadian media since Canadians were heavily involved – the co-winner (Jody Williams) was Canadian, and the treaty banning landmines was signed in Ottawa. Anyway, on a related note, I visited the website of the Canadian Landmine Foundation. They seem pretty cool too – they raise money to clear old minefields, and to help landmine survivors. Clearly an organization that does good work. Paul McCartney and his wife Heather are their international goodwill ambassadors. Nice! Some of their board members have unfortunate names, though… visit the board page and scroll down to the fifth name. I almost died reading the name of that guy’s company.

Oh, yeah. On another note, I tagged along with Phil Allard and co. to climb rocks at Vertical Reality last Thursday. It was a great workout. My arms and legs are recovering nicely. I think I spent most of my time falling onto the mats. Take a look at the photo of the week if you haven’t already – that’s one of the hardcore guys going up the wall with a rope. We were just bouldering – no ropes, far less altitude. If you’ve never been rock-climbing, I recommend you try it. It’s fun. It hurts like hell the first time around, but you’ll probably like it after a bit.

More later. I’m off to radiantly accept the dying of the light.

a sunny day of melty snow and ducks

ducks are playing in the little lake outside my window. there’s one male and one female, and they’re floating away being ducks. the weather is beautiful. the snow is melting like crazy (hence the lake), the sky is clear blue, and the only clouds to be seen are wisps and tufts that float placidly above the horizon. the steady wind is sending schools of little nervous ripples skating down the water’s surface, off of which the bright sunshine reflects and lights up the ceiling with shifting, mesmerizing patterns. it seems like this is roughly what we’re in for all week. It’s a nice way to welcome in a new year, no? birds singing, ducks quacking and getting lost inside the bus shelters…

Ever checked out the Bahá’í Reference Library? You find the most amazing quotes so easily with it. Here’s one from ‘Abdu’l-Baha about Bahá’u’lláh’s love of nature and the countryside:

Bahá’u’lláh loved the beauty and verdure of the country. One day He passed the remark: “I have not gazed on verdure for nine years. The country is the world of the soul, the city is the world of bodies.” When I heard indirectly of this saying I realized that He was longing for the country, and I was sure that whatever I could do towards the carrying out of His wish would be successful.

Bahá’u’lláh and the New Era, p.35

A happy Naw-ruz to all of you wonderful folks reading this – whether you’re Bahá’í or not, and whereever you are in the world. This weekend, I’m going out to the river to spend some time watching the water. I love nature; I always have. I seem to get more energy from contemplating the beauty of nature than anything else I do. Who else out there is a nature nut? I’m sure there are tons of you. Leave a comment about your favourite way to enjoy nature, and we’ll see if we see the same thing twice.