awakening: the dawn of a new era

Here’s wishing all the fans and readers of doberman pizza a happy celebration of the Birth of Bahá’u’lláh. 190 years ago, a new day dawned and a new sun rose from the horizon of Persia to illuminate the whole world. Last night’s celebration in Ottawa was pretty epic—over 700 people attended! Here’s a video presentation that was shared as part of the celebration.

iran’s baha’i plan: persecute the living, desecrate the dead

This is a lamentably late post—along with all the others I’ve posted recently—but this one makes me so angry I couldn’t bear not to share it. Not content with the relentless (yet increasingly secretive) persecution of living Baha’is, Iranian authorities are sinking to desecrating the graves of those Baha’is who have passed away. Barnabas Quotidianus carries commentary about the bulldozing of Baha’i cemeteries in Iran—an insane, barbaric and callous act of malice. To quote the post’s author, Barney Leith, “[t]he destruction of the Baha’i cemetery in Najafabad is clearly part of a systematic campaign by the Iranian authorities to intimidate, persecute and destroy the Baha’i community in the land of its birth.” With the help of Youtube, we can see the destruction up close.

Update: The following video offers a voice-over and before-and-after video from the Najafabad cemetery, making its destruction all the more chilling.

The Muslim Network on Baha’i Rights also features this video, as well as additional photos of the cemetery’s destruction.

ahmadinejad: “baha’i” is a bad word

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad‘s visit to America was newsworthy enough to make the front page of local, national and international news everywhere. You may have heard about his remarks to the American National Press Corps—in which he completely ignored a question posed to him about Iran’s Baha’is— or his talk at Columbia University and “public skewering” by Columbia president Lee Bollinger. Then, in a galling display of duplicity, Ahmadinejad delivered the following non-answer to a direct question about the persecution of Iran’s Baha’is at a United Nations press conference on September 25:

I doubt Ahmadinejad would ever read this blog, but just for the record:

  1. The name of the religion mentioned is the Baha’i Faith.
  2. The name of its divine prophet is Baha’u’llah.
  3. He first revealed His mission to mankind in 1863.
  4. You’re welcome.

Also blogged at Baha’i Faith in Egypt and Barnabas Quotidianus.

ooohhhhhhhh youtube

…so that’s why youtube was down yesterday. they upgraded! for those of you who are into it, check out the new look youtube (and big boss google) brought out of beta. pretty sweet… along the way, check out this short NBC TV segment on “Faith in America” that offers a quick peek at the Baha’i Faith!

video: international environment forum

couleurs d'automneAs blogged here earlier, the 11th Conference of the International Environment Forum (IEF) took place in Ottawa this weekend, and many of my friends within the Baha’i community showed up there. I’ll probably blog a little more about it later, but for now, you might want to check out the conference yourself: presentations and notes of the plenary and workshop sessions are available in PDF, DOC and MP3 formats, along with the conference schedule and official photo gallery; as well, videos of most of the presentations are available on Youtube! Here’s a list of links—share them with whoever may be interested!

    • The science of climate change, with a specific focus on the Arctic region
      John Stone2 3
    • Ethical challenges of climate change
      Arthur Dahl2 3
    • From the Arctic to the Small Island Developing States: Ethics and Adaptation
      John Crump2 3 4
    • The spirit of climate change
      Heather Eaton2 3

  • Faith-based NGOs and the Common Good
    Ted Reeve2 3
  • Governance of Energy from the Local to the Global – A Necessity for Climate Change Mitigation
    Sylvia Karlsson2
  • The Bahá’í International Community at the United Nations: Global Focus on Climate Change and Sustainable Development
    Tahirih Naylor2 3
  • PANEL—Reflections on Value-based Approaches to Environmental Action: Lessons Learned and Challenges Ahead


it’s just the beginning

The 60’s were a turbulent and exciting time in the history of civilization, and no less so in the history of the Baha’i community. A few months ago, the American Baha’i National Centre posted videos of the 1968 Baha’i National Youth Conference, perhaps for the benefit of those of us who were merely glimmers in our parents’ eyes at the time—but perhaps also to remind us of the world-reviving spirit that permeated the Baha’i community at the time, a community fresh out of its Ten Year Crusade and already into the Nine Year Plan, which brought the message of Baha’u’llah to countless receptive souls across the globe.

Part One

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