quick note: blahs & ruhi 2

I just noticed something. the posts to my blog lately have had very little trace of misery and depression and blahs. almost like everything’s been all good. well, not ALL the things have been good, but, overall, things in general have been good. I’m really happy with the way my life is going. As long as I keep up the efforts of finding a job, and I keep being able to serve the Bahá’í community, I’ll still be real happy.

also let me just say that we just had the second get-together of Victoriaville’s one and only Ruhi Book 2 study circle! It’s starting out well so far. Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun with it. If the start is any sign of things to come, then this should be a really amazing group. It’s really neat coming back to Victoriaville, meeting all the same people I was on the Spiritual Assembly with, but this time in the frame of learning and sharing about the Bahá’í Writings. While we were all quiet and doing work, I suddenly had this flashback to the time I took Ruhi Book 3, to that quote from Bahá’u’lláh that says, “Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value.” And I suddenly thought, wow, all these people are rich with so much capacity, and everyone has these gems inside them of different capacities in different degrees. And we’re all here together to help each other develop those capacities to the fullest. It feels really good to be a part of that.

news and so on

I woke up at 7:30 AM for no particular reason. My alarm should go off pretty soon. I find no humor in this. No, just kidding, it’s not that bad. Maybe that’ll force me to get to bed earlier tonight!

We were planning on starting the study of Ruhi Book 2, “Arising to Serve”, in Victoriaville on Friday night. Unfortunately, we had several cancellations and realized that it was probably a bad idea to hold it on a Friday night anyway, due to general exhaustedness. Oh well. You live and you learn. We are going ahead with the circle, and with slightly different people. I’ll be calling the interested participants in the next week to get their schedule preferences.

I went to Drummondville yesterday to tutor a study circle for Ruhi Book 2. It started quite well. There is a great dynamic in the group and everyone is serious and committed to the book. I will really enjoying working with this group — and it’s every Saturday morning! Next week some friends from the Ottawa/Gatineau region will be dropping by. My peepz represent.

In case you saw my post earlier and you’re still wondering, what’s the secret? Is he ever going to tell us? Well, the secret was that I am making plans to move to Drummondville come April, before Ridván, in an attempt (hopefully confirmed by the All-Merciful) to help form the first Spiritual Assembly. All that’s needed now is for me to find a job, find an apartment, and buy a car. Tall order huh? That’s why I’d like to ask for the prayers of all you people who are reading this. It’s not going to be easy by any means, but I want to do it. I’m ready.

Anyway, I haven’t had my breakfast yet and I need to make phone calls. I will get back to you guys later!

ruhi and cabs

well that was a nice weekend. I took some time to hang around and get some work done on various personal projects of mine, sent email, called people up, and so on and so forth. it feels good to get stuff done. I took the liberty of calling up one of the prospective participants in the upcoming Ruhi book 2 circle in Victoriaville and working with her to establish a schedule for it. Also, I read through the introduction of the book — entitled “To the collaborators” — and took down notes on how to present particular sections, possible questions to ask, activities that could be included in the learning process, and so forth. There’s going to be an interesting few months coming up. The Bahá’ís of two communities — Victoriaville and Drummondville — have asked me to facilitate Ruhi book 2 (Arising to Serve), so I might have to make quite a few trips. I’m going to think about it and see how it’ll work logistically. I wonder if we could merge the two circles into one. We’ll see. Either way, it’s quite exciting to be giving this book; I’ve already taken it, um, three times, so it should be nice to offer it to others 😉

oh, and the cabs part? well, my car’s temporary license plate ran out,so I had to take a cab to work today. oh what fun it is to ride in a four-door Chevrolet.


head, meet wall. wall, meet head

well then. I just did a little bit of futzing around with the website, fixed some display problem (that was making everything look huge) and added a links page. Not a whole lot of them yet, but links none the less. also, I fixed up the 404 page. it’s still not as funny as keebler’s though.

oy. I’ve been beating my head against the wall trying to organize this study circle and it’s not working as well as I would have liked. bleargh. yet another reminder of who’s the boss… the tests come and they don’t stop coming. it’s a part of life. and we’ve all been told again and again, we’re tested so that we become firmer, stronger, closer to God. yeah, I think I could stand doing that. I just have to learn to complain less and accept it as a positive part of life. yeehaw I love tests!

several people have told me over the past few years that I’m really very positive. I guess that’s really true. I’ve had a lot of wack stuff happen to me and I still haven’t given up. I know that there’s always a solution, that there’s always a reason. And it’s all in the hands of God. Now, when it happens in my own life, it can be more difficult to accept, but the same principles apply. I just aspire to the station where I automatically accept it radiantly instead of being moved to lament or complain. There were such people in history. if only, huh? We can always aspire.


I’m taking a break today after working five days straight at Loblaws. Not bad. That should keep me above the squalor line. I could have worked today, but I thought it best to rest a bit before I go back to attack. I want to finagle my way into getting a weekend off — the 14th and 15th. There’s a Ruhi session in Ottawa to complete Book 7, and I’d like to go finish that. And visit my friends in Ottawa, if time permits. Time may not permit, though. Hmm. I would have preferred to have a regular work schedule so that I could make commitments ahead of time, but it looks like that’s not gonna work for a bit. I’ll see what I can do.

How are all you people in Ottawa and Montreal and all other points? Comment allez-vous à Montréal, à Québec, à Rimouski, et ailleurs? Je n’entends pas beaucoup de vous. Faites-moi part de vos nouvelles, ça me rend joyeux 🙂 Let me know what’s going on with you guys, it makes me so happy.

organizational hazard

you can tell I need practice before I go into personnel management. I still have difficulty remembering to call people in to do stuff 😉 the phone is my friend!

gah, feeling a little daunted today. lots of challenges. starting the study circle and trying to get everything off to a good start… waiting to start work… managing little contracts here and there… and in the meantime there are spiritual challenges as our community learns to live together. actually yesterday we had a really good experience as a community at the nineteen-day feast. it was lots of fun. so there are fun parts and there are difficult parts I guess.

It all goes so much better when you just give up all the criticism and fault-finding. you know, those things that “quench the light of the heart and extinguish the life of the soul”. it just does no good to even point out to someone that they have a certain fault. they get defensive, offended, angry, they stop being receptive, and you get frustrated because they won’t listen to you, and then estrangement grows. and of course the worst of the worst is backbiting, which completely destroys unity and shakes the foundations of a community to its core.

yeah. when you think about the faults a person has, you also get discouraged because you think “oh noooo, there’s so much work to do!” but in fact, that’s not your work, your work is on yourself. let others work on their stuff and focus on perfecting yourself. there’s no time to worry about other people’s faults. try working with what you’re given instead. find the positive and bring it out, and see how it can contribute to the overall working of the group.

I think that’s been bothering me lately, without me knowing it. I was getting kind of frustrated with some people and I kept on thinking “if only this person would change” and so on. but let’s be real, I can’t do anything to make that other person change! so I better just mind my own development, and keep doing God’s work instead of worrying about the little things.