children’s classes blog

hey. I’ve started up a little experimental blog called baha’i children’s class ideas. reason is: I co-teach a neighbourhood children’s class, having had little prior experience in the field except Ruhi Book 3. I need a place to write down lesson plan ideas so that I can plan them out in advance, try them out, and then go back and reflect on how the ideas worked when put into practice. check it out, leave comments and ideas, whatever. it’s a very informal project (that will probably get updated far less often than this blog), but it’s worth a try.

february rambling

rideauthings have been alright lately. I haven’t been as diligent with my prayers and daily readings as I’d like. maybe I can take care of that before going to bed. speaking of daily readings, check out the Baha’i Quotes Syndication Service — it’s an individual initiative that allows you to have Baha’i quotes pop up in an RSS reader. And for the RSS-disabled among us, it’s a nice blog full of Baha’i quotes illustrated with wonderful photos.

Last night, I acted as a tutor for a study circle covering Book 6 of the Ruhi curriculum. Sahba (our area institute coordinator) called the night before asking me to act as a substitute, and — surprise! — it turned out my evening was open. It was a small group, but it was still a blast. We studied several sections of the first unit, entitled “The Spiritual Nature of Teaching”. It was just the best thing ever to be plunged back into that book again. The whole book is about teaching the Bahá’í Faith — sharing the message of Bahá’u’lláh with the world of humanity. I could go on and on about it, but I’ll leave that for later on. Suffice to say that it was a happy surprise to be given the chance to be there, facilitating the study circle and learning from the other participants. Combined with the Book 3 circle I subbed for last week, I’d say I’m comfortably rediscovering the role of ‘study circle tutor’, and what a bounty it can be. Hopefully I can once again find a nice and special place for it in my life.

Oh, and for fans of Homestar Runner: Check this out. (The song, not the picture.)

chatting with maurice

hey. I’m here in Victoriaville at Marcelle and Maurice Turgeon’s place (you know, the people I stayed with for a month in April 2002. I’m sleeping over since we have an intensive Ruhi book 3 weekend here in Victoriaville. two study circles are studying Ruhi book 3 tomorrow (one is faster-paced than the other). Today (saturday) the slower-paced one met and we studied together the whole day. It was a riot. We were all pretending to be kids and we were acting up so bad. …actually I think we might have gone a little too far. We were pretty tired afterwards, but it was funny.

I had a great talk with Maurice just now; he’s a really spiritual guy, in the fullest sense of the word. He has the wonderful capacity to let his intuition be his guide. We talked about a bunch of things, like old road trips to the Baha’i Temple in Wilmette, teaching the Faith, dreams, and so on. Jessika was there too. We were just talking and talking — or was it listening and listening? Maurice has a lot to tell. Some of the things we talked about gave me a new insight into myself. I told him about some dreams I had had recently (including this one) and he gave some amazing interpretations of them spot on. Heheh. It’s kind of surprising to look backwards and realize how much hard work I’ve put in to hide from the truth about my life — about pain I didn’t want to deal with, feelings I wanted to run from, etc. But right now, for this moment, I think God really is in charge and I want Him to stay there because He helps me deal with that pain and face those feelings. His light shines on me like the sun and shows plainly everything about me — things I didn’t want to see, as well as some things that are pleasant surprises. Now that the initial shock is past, I’m glad to see them. Of course, I probably haven’t finished either. I’m certainly not through trying to be more honest with myself and others. “Speaking with your heart”, as Maurice put it.

Um anyway these past few days have been very intense, and very personal, and sorry but I’m not going into more detail cos you’re not me and this is not the place for such open heart surgery 😉 if you want to know then, well, it wouldn’t hurt to buy me a coffee lol.

news and so on

I woke up at 7:30 AM for no particular reason. My alarm should go off pretty soon. I find no humor in this. No, just kidding, it’s not that bad. Maybe that’ll force me to get to bed earlier tonight!

We were planning on starting the study of Ruhi Book 2, “Arising to Serve”, in Victoriaville on Friday night. Unfortunately, we had several cancellations and realized that it was probably a bad idea to hold it on a Friday night anyway, due to general exhaustedness. Oh well. You live and you learn. We are going ahead with the circle, and with slightly different people. I’ll be calling the interested participants in the next week to get their schedule preferences.

I went to Drummondville yesterday to tutor a study circle for Ruhi Book 2. It started quite well. There is a great dynamic in the group and everyone is serious and committed to the book. I will really enjoying working with this group — and it’s every Saturday morning! Next week some friends from the Ottawa/Gatineau region will be dropping by. My peepz represent.

In case you saw my post earlier and you’re still wondering, what’s the secret? Is he ever going to tell us? Well, the secret was that I am making plans to move to Drummondville come April, before Ridván, in an attempt (hopefully confirmed by the All-Merciful) to help form the first Spiritual Assembly. All that’s needed now is for me to find a job, find an apartment, and buy a car. Tall order huh? That’s why I’d like to ask for the prayers of all you people who are reading this. It’s not going to be easy by any means, but I want to do it. I’m ready.

Anyway, I haven’t had my breakfast yet and I need to make phone calls. I will get back to you guys later!

ruhi and cabs

well that was a nice weekend. I took some time to hang around and get some work done on various personal projects of mine, sent email, called people up, and so on and so forth. it feels good to get stuff done. I took the liberty of calling up one of the prospective participants in the upcoming Ruhi book 2 circle in Victoriaville and working with her to establish a schedule for it. Also, I read through the introduction of the book — entitled “To the collaborators” — and took down notes on how to present particular sections, possible questions to ask, activities that could be included in the learning process, and so forth. There’s going to be an interesting few months coming up. The Bahá’ís of two communities — Victoriaville and Drummondville — have asked me to facilitate Ruhi book 2 (Arising to Serve), so I might have to make quite a few trips. I’m going to think about it and see how it’ll work logistically. I wonder if we could merge the two circles into one. We’ll see. Either way, it’s quite exciting to be giving this book; I’ve already taken it, um, three times, so it should be nice to offer it to others 😉

oh, and the cabs part? well, my car’s temporary license plate ran out,so I had to take a cab to work today. oh what fun it is to ride in a four-door Chevrolet.



I’m taking a break today after working five days straight at Loblaws. Not bad. That should keep me above the squalor line. I could have worked today, but I thought it best to rest a bit before I go back to attack. I want to finagle my way into getting a weekend off — the 14th and 15th. There’s a Ruhi session in Ottawa to complete Book 7, and I’d like to go finish that. And visit my friends in Ottawa, if time permits. Time may not permit, though. Hmm. I would have preferred to have a regular work schedule so that I could make commitments ahead of time, but it looks like that’s not gonna work for a bit. I’ll see what I can do.

How are all you people in Ottawa and Montreal and all other points? Comment allez-vous à Montréal, à Québec, à Rimouski, et ailleurs? Je n’entends pas beaucoup de vous. Faites-moi part de vos nouvelles, ça me rend joyeux 🙂 Let me know what’s going on with you guys, it makes me so happy.