to all the people who have gotten in touch with me lately and are wondering what’s up and whether I’ve dropped off the face of the earth, the answer is no! I’m just busy. I will elucidate further at a later time.

some things I’ve been up to lately:

  • celebrating ridván in Victoriaville
  • contacting prospective employers (and making some mighty good contacts!)
  • singing some more at the “Soirées Taizé” in Victoriaville — nice and reflective and regenerating
  • visiting Rivière-du-Loup for a Bahá’í conference, and having a grand old time in a real nice house with lots of kind and beautiful people
  • celebrating the Feast of Beauty monday night and getting elected secretary of the Drummondville Bahá’í group (!)
  • mailing my tax return (!!!!!)
  • hugging cats 🙂

actual news instead of joking around

wuzzup yo. so I’m gonna give y’all a little update on how life is going here in drummondville. the first week was pretty hectic and I was getting a bit depressed because everything was filled with bags and I felt cut off from the rest of the world (no internet, no home phone, didn’t know my neighbours real well) On the 4th they hooked up my phone, and on the 9th I got hooked up to Internet. woohoo! Also on the 9th, I hosted the Feast at my place, and that was lots of fun. Everything was nice and clean and welcoming and warm. That helped me a lot in feeling established, too. Next I had my famous meeting with Marie-Jo Thério on Friday, and then my famous meeting with Farnoush. Which reminds me, I still have some work to do from that meeting. Then mom and dad came over on the 12th, and brought various odds and ends including my new filing cabinet (which we painted black so I could chalk on it). then on sunday morning (the 13th) there was an absolutely phat meeting of the 3cj that took place at Chez Cora on Stanley St. in downtown MTL. I love it! Then on Monday, the job search club started once again and boom boom boom boom, things happen left and right, we’re calling people asking them if we can come and talk to them about a job, we’re chopping out business cards, and stuff. Oh yes, and on the 14th, it was election day in Quebec, and although the incumbent PQ candidate in Drumondville was re-elected, his government wasn’t. I don’t imagine he was real sad about it, though. I actually met the aforementioned candidate in an elevator on the morning of the 14th. he didn’t look like he was in a good mood so I kept my mouth shut and just smiled.

uhh, what else can I talk about… well I got really confused when people started congratulating me on my poetry and I didn’t realize that it was because one of my poems had been published in the national Bahá’í magazine, Bahá’í Canada (which I hadn’t received yet). Then I received it and I was less confused. And I’d like to congratulate the good people at Bahá’í Canada because they translated the poem very well into French.

oh, and today? I slept nine hours and feel just great. today I’m going to go out for a bit and then come back to attack the large pile of documents that I need to file into my filing cabinet. huzzah! no more bags lying around! classification and order! huzzah! and more than that, I can write all over the filing cabinet and nobody gives a damn!


exciting weekend

well hey hey hey. I’ve got some cool stories to tell. on friday I was driving into Montréal for a meeting with Farnoush, and I had taken the exit onto the 20 through Longueuil. So I’m driving, everything’s all good, and then I see a woman who’s in back of her stopped van on the shoulder, waving for people to stop, and nobody’s stopping. so, hmm, I thought, better stop to help. she tells me that she ran out of gas, and would I take her to get some gas in one of those little portable tanks, and I say, yeah, sure, hop in. So we go get gas at a local esso, and then we’re driving back towards the highway, and we start talking. I notice she has an accent and ask her where she comes from, and she says New Brunswick. I say, oh cool, my mom’s from New Brunswick. She says, really, well maybe she’s heard of me, I’m a singer, my name’s Marie-Jo Thério. Well I just about freaked out and lost control of the car with excitement, because it wasn’t long ago that I had borrowed one of her CDs from the library and just loved it to pieces. So we just start talking about this and that and the other thing, how she lives in the town my mom grew up in, wrote a song about it, etc., and we talked about all these things that Acadians talk about. And all the while I’m thinking, what sort of providence has made me end up with an internationally famous singer in my car, whose music I adore and who lives in my mom’s home town? Crazy. Anyway it was just a serious mind trip. Too much, man. And as thanks, she offered my parents tickets to her upcoming concert in Ottawa. They came down to visit me in Drummondville today and mom just flipped. What a small world eh? She asked me if I had mentioned my aunt Rose to her. Tante Rose is a poet laureate and is quite well known in Acadian literary circles. I guess I was just so blown away that I forgot to mention it. 😉

Anyway, I hope Marie-Jo (if I may call her Marie-Jo) got safely to where she was going. Her van ended up getting towed away to St-Bruno, about ten minutes out of Montreal 😛 And she had a meeting to get to too 😛 And her dogs were in the van 😛 Isn’t that a total bummer? 😛 😛 😛 Hopefully things worked out to some extent. If I had a day like that, driving ten hours to finally run out of gas and get towed away, I’d say, hey, that day *%&@# sucked.

for my part? I somehow feel much more strongly in touch with my roots now. and I have a doozy of a story to tell my kids. I hope that when I do have kids, we’ll all be making poutine râpée and fricot for the holidays.

Oh yeah, and I painted my new filing cabinet with chalkboard paint, and I’m going to set it up right next to my bookcase.

another side effect is that the rest of my life seems awful boring now 😉

home, home on the range

dis is a note to tell alla you people that I’m all coolin out in Drummondville yo. my homies are in tha hizzouse yo word up to south side of the rivière St-François. my Hériot krew, my Lindsay posse, my St-Joseph crowd where ya at! make sum noize!

No but seriously y’all, dis place be mad hot. I gots me a phat crib, a sweet ride, and the sun be shinin’ through my window like damn! dis gon’ be nice, brother.

in other words, I hooked up my Internet connection, cleaned up the pad on Monday with Claire, reprazentin’ tha MTL, one love, île de Montréal in tha house no doubt, hosted a phat jam last night for the fête de dix-neuf jours yo, 19-day feast, one love yo, a truly spiritual happenin’. and now it’s time for the one two, we gon’ deliver flowers, and yo, I be like sortin’ out alla my papers an’ all dat. returnin’ the real. crazy.

more being tired and having lots of stuff to do

I need to admit that I’m powerless over my agenda and that my schedule has become unmanageable, and I need to come to believe that only a Higher Power can restore me to sanity.

Tomorrow Claire is coming over to help me out with the unpacking process. It shouldn’t be that bad, actually. I have a desk to pick up, batteries to buy, and things to place and sort and maybe I could get some cheapo filing cabinet to put files into.

Wednesday night I’m hosting the 19-day Feast at my place. That means I get my butt in gear and !!! clean up otherwise !!! heads will roll so there. Aaaaah work play and service to the Faith and personal development and getting butt in gear. it’s so WONDERFUL yay!

a short note

I’m in Drummondville! I don’t have my Internet access hooked up yet, but my email address is still the same if y’all care to drop me a line or two. Maybe I need to get better organized so that the next time I have to move someplace it’s not such an ordeal 😛 Things are pretty hectic right now. Just because you’re hopelessly disorganized, doesn’t mean the world around you stop moving and hustling and bustling (etc).

Well anyway, I hope everything is all right with you folks. I’ll write more about my trials and tribulations amazing adventures later on.