life is a beautiful poem

Hi everybody. Baha’i youth from all over North America just lived through the amazing experience of the Montreal Baha’i Youth Conference. I was blessed to be a part of the organizing committee for the conference. I was actively involved in the preparation for the conference and even more actively involved in running the show during the entire weekend. I am exhausted and quite happy to have lived this experience. It is just marvelous to me to consider how someone like me who struggles to believe in his own nobility and worth could be so blessed and so confirmed. God just keeps on blessing me. I can’t figure it out. I guess I don’t need to… all I need to do is offer praise. Thanks, God.

First was the opportunity to serve in a capacity that’s familiar to me. I served, and every minute was a joy for me. Even the minutes when I fumed or groaned were joyful. If I were to do it all over again and change only one thing, I would make a point of praying more and dedicating this service to God.

Second was the love, fellowship, and unity I experienced with the youth on the organizing committee. These are truly people I can call my friends. It’s the first time this has happened quite like this, that I’ve suddenly made friends through service. I needed that. I’ve needed that for a long time.

Third was the sense of accomplishment, that even though things were hanging together by a shoestring, we pulled through and gave an excellent conference and an excellent show. People loved it. Things worked out. There were no major goof-ups. It was a success. It feels good to be able to say that.

What have I learned?

I am a lovable and capable servant of God. God gave me this conference as a gift, as a token of his unconditional love for me. And man… if God believes in me so much, what right have I not to?

ok, enough of that. now go see the photos!

job situation looking up

hello all you friends and family and good people who are interested in my simple life. Here’s an update from my side of the street. I had my first day of work in Drummondville on Thursday the 8th; it was just a short little contract, for an arpenteur-géomètre (i.e. a surveyor) who needed someone to install some network cards and get his network up and running. but it was work, and I was real happy to get it. I’ve been hanging around the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi since the job search club ended, and it seems to have paid off — one of the people who works there knows someone who might have another contract for me, this time to put together a database with Microsoft Access, and for 4 to 6 weeks no less. So things are definitely looking up.

On the bleah side, I was sick yesterday… some sort of stomach bug. I had to postpone my visit to Défi-Emploi Drummond to today because I was getting some serious runs and dizziness and stuff. It’s much better today. I drank lots of fluids, mom. Lemon and honey in hot water. 😉

Lots more people in Drummondville know me now than when I first came here. I think I’m doing much better than when I came to Victoriaville. I’ve got the hang of this stuff now. By the grace of God, I’ll find something interesting (at good pay).

Things are heating up for the Montreal Bahá’í Youth Conference. Only 6 more days! we’re booked at 96% capacity! Reserve your spot now, don’t be left out!

the killer québécois diet

Oh, the things I’ve started eating since coming to Québec. I just finished eating a nice big slice of sugar pie. Aaahhhhh refined sugar and dairy products. Then there’s the poutine. No, I haven’t managed to cut that out of my diet. Even though I usually regret it every time I eat it… it’s just too deliiiiiciouuuuuus. Then there’s the cheese. Unaged, firm cheese. It squeaks in your mouth. Like cheese curds! When I came here I thought cheese curds were gross. But now I love ’em. Then there’s other things that I don’t eat, but are just too notable to overlook: cretons (basically a rough pork pâté, I think), backbacon, barbecue chicken, tourtière, and many other things that don’t immediately come to mind. Oh the artery-hardening goodness!



to all the people who have gotten in touch with me lately and are wondering what’s up and whether I’ve dropped off the face of the earth, the answer is no! I’m just busy. I will elucidate further at a later time.

some things I’ve been up to lately:

  • celebrating ridván in Victoriaville
  • contacting prospective employers (and making some mighty good contacts!)
  • singing some more at the “Soirées Taizé” in Victoriaville — nice and reflective and regenerating
  • visiting Rivière-du-Loup for a Bahá’í conference, and having a grand old time in a real nice house with lots of kind and beautiful people
  • celebrating the Feast of Beauty monday night and getting elected secretary of the Drummondville Bahá’í group (!)
  • mailing my tax return (!!!!!)
  • hugging cats 🙂