comment for today

hehe. I had dinner at France and Jessika’s place last night, after said dinner got bumped from Sunday night to Tuesday night. It was still a really great dinner, and it was fun to hang out with them. We played Battleship and I won (tho not by much).

I told France that I liked Christmas songs too much and that I was trying to make myself hate them by listening to nothing but Christmas songs all day long. So far, I’ve had mixed results. I’m starting to hate some of the songs, like for example the “Winter Wonderland” one, or “Au Royaume du Bonhomme Hiver” as the French translation is titled. But I still love a whole bunch of them. Anyway, France laughed when I told her this, and she said something really funny… it was to the effect that, I guess your wife and kids are gonna have to watch out when you start a family… you might love them so much that you decide to make yourself hate them. I mean, it’s true, it is kind of pointless to try and make yourself hate something if you really like it. It’s like one of those girly sentimental movies where the girl is trying to make herself hate the guy and she only ends up falling madly in love with him (or vice versa). Not that I watch girly sentimental movies. Except when I’m goaded into it by girls. Guys, you know what I mean… you gotta keep the peace with the ladies, right? So you gotta make some sacrifices sometimes. To keep the ladies happy. So, from time to time, I have witnessed the odd girly sentimental movie. Not that I’ve ever cried during a girly sentimental movie, though. Definitely not. Especially not Titanic. I’m just digging a hole deeper and deeper for myself, here, and I think I’ll stop.

ok nice tings

so hey, I came back on the Amtrak train from NYC yesterday, quite exhausted. I apparently had enough strength to go see the Canada Day fireworks at the Vieux-Port in Montreal, though. The train ride was amusing and harrowing enough, but I’ll spare you most of the details. Apparently Amtrak’s financial crisis, which could have threatened to leave us stranded in New York, has been averted for the time being. That would have been pretty amusing, in hindsight. Of course, if it did happen it would first appear as a colossal pain in the buttocks.

I’m taking one more day in Montreal to attend the Ruhi Book 3 circle at Amelia’s, and then returning to Victoriaville tomorrow night (hopefully). I’m starting to get homesick. Maybe travelling more, or doing some travel-teaching, would help me adjust to moving about.

Anyway, NYC was pretty cool. At first, the big city atmosphere was a bit shocking — the rank smell, the noise, and so on — but after a few days, I got over it and really started to like the place. Enough to consider going back. Perhaps with a more structured schedule, to visit more with the local Baha’is and get to know the character of the place better. Oh yeah, and Catherine, I didn’t go up the Empire State Building, although I did take lots of pictures of it. And to Hadi, I walked through Greenwich Village but didn’t stay very long. And what Haagen-Dazs outlet? I did go to this nice deli called Roxy’s Deli that had lots of pat-on-the-back we’re-so-great caricatures on the walls and that had very good cheesecake.


And besides all that, the conference was pretty good too, and singing in Carnegie Hall was fantastic. Heck, now I’ve already made it in show business, and I’m not even in show business 😉 Seriously though, it was a great first experience in choral singing. If singing is as rewarding as this then everyone should do it.

busting through a guerilla roadblock

Sometimes I wish I were in some crazy action movie where they have armed guerillas walking the streets and I’m a big handsome reporter who rides an expensive SUV and busts through roadblocks and crosses borders to escape evil dictators and all that. Then I get real and I’m a young man riding his bike around a little town in Quebec, and driving to Montreal for Ruhi. Actually, that’s fairly exciting. Ruhi is a pretty world-changing phenomenon. We’re talking about a study program aimed at helping people everywhere become “the protagonists of their own advancement”. (Century of Light, p. 140)

What people need now is courage, courage to do what the world needs. Well, they need other things too, but… well, at the moment I’m just saying this one thing because I was thinking of it. There’s lots of things that the world needs. Read Century of Light for a good summary.

Also, lemme just say something about the Voices of Bahá choir. I just recently got the music for the songs we’ll be singing, and I started singing it. And you know, I love it. I really like singing. I’m completely out of practice and I need to work on my breath control BIG TIME, but otherwise it’s going well. I think I will indeed have the songs memorized by the end of June. Yay!

I can’t believe I went all this time with this passion for singing and never jumped on it. It kinda shows what a little push, a little suggestion from friends can do sometimes. You guys know who you are… thanks. 😉

little birds singing

so yo. I’m back home in Ottawa, and already they’ve put up pictures from the Montreal conference! Yay! I’m going to get mine developed today — four rolls. woo! heheh. I’m still pretty pumped from the conference. It feels really good to be around so many old friends and to make so many new friends, and all the while to be together to study and deepen our understanding of the world.

I’m slowly getting my rest again, too. man. nobody ever gets any sleep at these conferences. some people stayed up even later than we did, too.

I’m listening to Jack Lenz-Doug Cameron-et al kids’ songs. It’s actually a tape I had when I was a kid, called We Are Bahá’ís, but it got busted a while back and wouldn’t play, so I bought myself a new copy. It makes me feel all nostalgic. 🙂