flip flop

hello there. back in victoriaville today. we got back around 1:30 am, with me struggling to keep my eyes open as we drove. maybe we should have slept in montreal instead, but enh, we got there alright. but I think I won’t do that again. I woke up at around a quarter to one in the afternoon, and immediately got invited to go take more pictures at the Garderie du Manège. Yeah, I finally figured out that it says “school” on the front, but the front room is actually a day care centre, and that’s where I’ve been helping out. Anyway, not a big difference. Kids galore anyway. So I took photos, and as usual the kids were lots of fun, like little bundles of zip. I kind of miss being a little bundle of zip. I took what I hope were artistic shots, and after it was all done I gave back the finished rolls and went to have dinner with the Girards, who live across the street from the place. So, all in all, it was a good day. (Actually this refers to Tuesday.)

finally spring

So today I took some time to hang around with kids at l’École du Manège. I think it was actually more the daycare section of it. Constance, one of the Bahá’ís in Victoriaville, is spending some time as an “observer” there, as part of job training. Anyway, she invited me over to talk to the people there, because apparently they’re having a games day on Monday, and they want someone to be there to take pictures. So I followed them around a bit today, asked questions, interacted with the kids, and, since I had my camera with me, I took some photos as they picked up garbage in back of the school. Nice thing to do as an activity. Damn, the more I hang around with kids, the more I realize, I really love kids. They were so happy to see me, too. They kept telling me each other’s names and asking me to speak English to them. They were romping around and marvelling at everything that was new. I was almost sorry I had to leave, but, hey, gotta get on with my day.

Funny thing… when I was in my last year of high school I probably would have been too shy to do stuff like this. But over the past five years I’ve built up so many people skills, it’s like I’m in a different world. It’s a beautiful world, one awakened to so many more possibilities. I’ll leave the obvious “springtime of the spirit” metaphor up to the reader.

Oh yeah, and the title means that finally I can go outside and not have to worry about getting frostbite. Viva la sunshine!