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christmas and random interesting anecdotes

Today’s a festive day at work. For one thing, it appears that our external network connectivity is down. Huzzah! Of course, I can still blog, so it’s not entirely down, but goodness knows, we all need a little loss of network connectivity. It allows us time to look around us and take stock of where we are in life, to feel grateful for family and friends, and to take care of the little things like picking little slivers of skin out of the folds next to our fingernails, sweeping crumbs off our desks, and tossing out month-old post-it notes.

Anyway, besides that, today’s “Goodies Day” in Publishing. I brought over a bunch of Tim Horton’s goodies, such as cinnamon rolls, pecan butter tarts, and their specialty December donuts (named “Chocolate Snowflake”; they’re sprinkled with cocoa powder). Others brought cookies, frosted muffins, crab roll things — and not everyone’s here yet. I’m looking forward to it. I like goodies. Call me attached to the things of this world, but I do like and enjoy good food. Anyway, further to the goodies in Publishing today, IT is supposedly having its potluck lunch tomorrow. So pizza (and apple crisp, maybe) is in order for Thursday. Add to that the fact that my workload has been reduced to near-zero thanks to diligently slicing through the glut of requests that clogged my inbox last week, and I’d have to say that this week has been a pretty good week.

I’ve been getting a lot of spam. Today I got a message entitled: “What Al-Quran says about: Devil / Satan”. It’s supposedly a live discussion over Internet hosted by some Quran-study group based in Pakistan. They offer a study session in Urdu. I think I’ll attend that one. Not.

Ok, time for work now. Here’s looking at you.

aaaaaaaahhh yeaaaaaaaaah

WOOOO I have internet access on my own computer now. MAN that feels good. I was really missing it. it just wasn’t really fun having no tools to work with. 😛

feels good feels good feels good. hi all you lovely people. now I can look at you all through my nice funky windows, and use the keyboard that I’m used to 🙂

speaking of keyboards, I saw the new imac (aka ilamp) in the store today. It looks pretty cool. I’d like one of those, if I could afford it. looks like it would fit pretty well on my desk.

man. hopefully now I can get more organized. I hope I’ve learned my lesson. 😛

oh the doctor is a person in your neighbourhood

I can’t believe it. Someone’s made a Missile Command clone called “New York Defender” in which you blow up jumbo jets that are trying to smack into the World Trade Centre towers. How utterly tasteless. And yet… there’s always this feeling of amazement and disbelief that someone would actually think to do that. Which makes it funny. It appears that they have rip-offs of a whole bunch of games, too. Here’s a clone of Asteroids that has a can of bug spray instead of a ship and mosquitoes instead of asteroids. w00t!

Anyway, back to the point. I reserved a spot at the doctor’s office today. Hopefully he/she can determine exactly what I’ve got (probably a respiratory infection by now, whoops :P) and give me something to combat it. I am just so sick of coughing and blowing my nose and being tired. It’s got to stop!

I need to work on some reports for the Assembly. This month we’ve welcomed two separate groups of Bahá’í youth, and we should follow up on it, reflect on what hath transpired, yea verily. Man. I just had a Sherbrooke Youth Congress flashback. In fact, I need to do a lot of reflecting.

Hey, BTW, here’s an interesting tidbit: someone from the Cranberry Interpretation Centre called me and asked me if I wanted a job as a guide this fall. I told her yea verily!

(holds back oceans of tears)

Duncan Hanks, I miss you so much!!!

welcome to aol canada

hahahahaha hahaha hahah hahahaha hahaha haha haaahahaha haha hahaha hahahahahahahahah haaaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahahaha haha hahaha… heheh heh. I can’t believe I’m using AOL to connect to the Internet. 🙂

well, at any rate, it’s working and I don’t have to drive across town to use it. and it’s free! sweet. now I can check email with impunity.