feeling better now

Yay! I went to the doctor’s office yesterday and, lo and behold, she diagnosed a respiratory infection, and prescribed antibiotics. She also suggested I get a good cough syrup. Wow. Why didn’t I think of that? You know, I love Bahá’u’lláh. When He says you should seek the advice of a competent physician, He knows what He’s talking about. So, yeah. Things are much better now. I can breathe; just got paid for my work on the cranberry site; and I don’t look like Kramer.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I got a haircut today, too. My hair was getting a little bit long. I went to this basement hair salon I’ve never been to before and got a pretty good cut. The hairdresser was nice, and apparently her sister was the coordinator for the World Youth Day celebrations in the area. Neat! It’s amazing how many connections you can make when you just open up to people.

That World Youth Day celebration was really something else. The experience has stirred up all these ideas, opened up so many doors, and really widened my understanding of the relationship between the different religions. It’s all so clear, and so powerful! There is no difference between a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Bahá’í. As long as they are true followers, as long as they cut through the veils imposed by the limitations of human expression, and reach out to grasp the essence of the spiritual teachings of the Manifestations of God — rather than being contented with the material elements of religion, which must needs change — they are the followers of the One True God. Throw aside the veils, O people, which stand between you and the Beloved! Ya Bahá’ul-‘Abhá!

Wow I feel good. If you feel like this too, for goodness’s sake, email me and let’s go travel teach!

PS: “Ya Bahá’ul-‘Abhá” means “O Thou Glory of the All-Glorious”. It’s referred to as the Greatest Name of God.


so, our community welcomed a bunch of youth on a travel-teaching trip today. It was my first time coordinating something like that on my own. Ok, so maybe “coordinated” is too strong a word. 😉

No, seriously though, it turned out quite well. We had a deepening meeting on Saturday afternoon with several of the members of our community, on Bahá’í laws and the Kitáb-i-Aqdas (Most Holy Book). Afterwards, surprise surprise, we went across Victoriaville to participate in the World Youth Day celebrations. It was a trip. And I mean that in the sense of it being far out. And I mean that in the sense of it being wacky, wild, freaky, cool. Man. Slang is such a drag.

We started out by joining up with the corn-on-the-cob dinner on top of Mont Arthabaska, where we met a bunch of the pilgrims and locals and had time to chat and get to know each other. When it was over there was a performance by a Christian dance/song group straight from France. It actually was pretty good. Think Wildfire Dance Theatre, but in french, and Christian, with less specific emphasis on social issues and more on personal spiritual issues. I bought the CD. To finish the night, we joined all the folks who were doing a prayer march down the mountain carrying candles and torches. All in all, very interesting. It was my first time interacting with large numbers of young Christians, seeing how they express their belief and their faith. It showed me a lot of things about my own Faith, and I’m still reflecting on it. One thing that came to me is just how important it is to follow the high standard that Bahá’ís are exhorted to follow. Actions speak far louder than words, and one thing you do can make a far greater impression than a hundred things you say. When we are asked to lead a chaste and holy life, it’s not only for our own good, but for the good of the whole world. We teach people through the way we live our life and through the example that we give. That’s not to say that we should stop at just that — the promotion of the Word of God is done in all possible ways — but it shows that this Faith is a part of our daily life, it affects the way we think, affects the way we act, affects the way we live. And no matter how far we think we can go, there’s always one step farther we really can go. That’s the magic of being human — we can do a lot more with God’s help than we may think we can.

Anyway, the only drawback for me this weekend was my ill health. I’m still coughing and it doesn’t seem to be going away. I need to see a doctor pronto. Only problem is, I don’t have my health card yet. Maybe I should just pay the sixty bucks and get it over with. Being sick sucks big donkey butt.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah… back to that high standard of behaviour…