Bridgehead is an Ottawa-based chain of coffeeshops (or coffeehouses) featuring organic, fairly-traded coffee, tea, cocoa and chocolate. I discovered them a while back, but rediscovered them lately when one of the co-founders of Otesha came to talk at the Howden fireside (and that’s a whole other story!). Bridgehead has six coffeehouses in Ottawa, including their newest coffeehouse that just opened up at Bank & Albert. Yes, that’s smack dab along most of the main bus routes going downtown – so if you’re taking the bus, whether to Carleton University, Ottawa University, or, hey, anywhere – you can take five minutes and fill your travel mug with hot, fresh, organic, fairly-traded coffee (or tea, or cocoa, etc) and be sure that the people who grew and harvested the coffee beans (or tea leaves, or cocoa beans, etc) were paid a fair wage and didn’t have to burn their skin on toxic pesticides. How cool is that? Give it a try.

Disclaimer: Bridgehead is not rewarding me in any way for this endorsement (not even in coupons or discounts). Think of this post as you would Marty‘s rants about Quizno’s – it’s just me raving about something I really enjoy in life and want to share!

w00t bahai-related announcements

hey – look alive, it’s time for some IMPORTANT INFO regarding the Ottawa Baha’i Community – the first tidbit is from Elham who reminds us that the National Spiritual Assembly wants to meet ALL of the region’s junior youth – yes, if you’re older than 11 and younger than 15, that means YOU! Check it out:

Meeting of the National Spiritual Assembly with the junior youth of Ottawa

Dear friends,

As informed in the last newsletter the National Spiritual Assembly of Canada has requested to meet with all the junior youth of Ottawa. The details have now been confirmed.

Date : Sunday September 25
Time: 11:30 am to 1:00 pm. Pizza lunch served.
Location: 40 Landry

Next is Jessica T. from the Teashing committee who reminds us that on the same day, we’ll all be getting together for the long-awaited Cluster Reflection Meeting to launch the much-anticipated 3rd cycle of the intensive program of growth. 3rd time’s a charm, baby!

We hope to see you all at the next Cluster Reflection Meeting where we will be launching the 3rd Cycle of the Intensive Programme of Growth.

It will be held:

September 25th, 2-5pm at the Jack Purcell Community Centre

Please note that a children’s program will be available.

Come join in the excitement!

both eyes open: marriage workshops

equality of men and women

Now here’s something I want to personally recommend to everyone reading this. Whether you’re single, married, divorced, or whatever, if you’ve EVER thought about marriage in any way, shape or form, Both Eyes Open, a marriage workshop facilitated by Baha’i authors Suzanne Alexander & Craig Farnsworth should definitely interest you. I’m going — it’s only $40 if you sign up before Friday, April 15th… it’ll be time well spent! This workshop can help you:

  • DEVELOP the skills and practices that assist in creating lasting marriages by getting to know one’s own character and understanding one’s partner’s character
  • LEARN vital consultation and communication skills
  • EXPLORE how to apply the principle of the equality of women and men within marriage
  • UNDERSTAND some of the spiritual practices that strengthen marriage
  • LEARN how to make unified service and time choices

This is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL stuff to help you understand how to create the “fortress for well-being” that is a strong and unified marriage. Come on out! There’s a session for couples on April 30th, and an open session (singles, couples and everybody else) on May 1st – both at St. Paul’s University, on Main St (close to Lees).

Read the brochure

the great sector 9 baha’i youth gathering


Saturday April 2nd, 2005
1056 Laporte Street

2:30 – 5:30 pm
Followed by Pizza dinner (yum!)


Get plugged into the Plan and explore what’s really meaningful to
you…as well as some good food and getting to know some new faces.

All Bahá’í youth 12-19 years old are welcome. After dinner we will be
attending a youth fireside at the Howdens’ @ 172 Presland Rd.

Sponsored by the SMT of Sector 9

baha’i youth gathering

have you been feeling absent-minded lately?
wondering what life has to offer besides the dull same-old of the everyday?
are you trying to get with the program, only to find you don’t even know what channel it’s on?
you need


coming soon to a cluster near you

watch this space for more details.