growing pains

it could be so easy to look at a situation of inharmony or disunity and say, “what an awful situation, they should be ashamed of themselves, that’s all wrong, they need to get their act together”. but really, what use would it be to do that?

we had a bit of a scene tonight. we had a meeting where our community got together to consult. there were raised voices, feelings of anger, frustration, and so forth. it’s unfortunate, but it was plainly visible that it had to happen at some point. let’s hope all of us in the community can recognize this occasion for what it really is — a sign of growing pains — and seize the opportunity to acknowledge the issues of this newly formed community, and to grow from that acknowledgment.

I say this because it can be so easy to get emotionally involved in conflict, to take sides, and to miss the entire point. the point of conflict is: we all have different approaches, different experiences, different strengths, and different weaknesses. when there’s conflict, anywhere, it’s just some of those differences that are being made manifest. differences of opinion provide us with opportunities to learn about each other, and to learn about ourselves. the alternative is to get upset, blow up, and estrange ourselves, and then the community falls apart.

the thing that many people fail to consider is that unity is not an end, but the means to an end. our goal isn’t to be united — we must already be united if we want to get anything done.

sometimes people need to get shaken up before they realize the true importance of unity. perhaps, if God wills it, this will be the shake by which we will realize it. somehow I think it might take more time, but there’s always hope. besides, no one can fathom God’s plans. inshallah.

well, I guess I’m saying that we DO need to get our act together, but I don’t mean it in a negative way, just an honest way. 😉

tonight, Bahá’ís commemorate the Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh, that is, His death and the ascension of His soul into the worlds of heaven. it happens at 3 AM wednesday morning, which is the time He passed away.

anyway, it turns out that we won’t be celebrating it as a group because things came up for the person who was supposed to host and she needs her sleep. someone died. doh.

hopefully we will be together in spirit.


So the weekend is over (now long over) and life returns to a state of normalcy. oooh. normal is bad. I need to do something wacky! like get a job!

I talked with Jacinthe today about staying in this apartment for the month of July, and she seems to be okay with it. Cool. I like this place. 🙂 It kinda works out because the folks I’ll be moving in with afterwards will be doing some crazy moving in and painting and cleaning for the first two weeks of july or so.

the nice thing is that once I move in to the new place, I’ll be able to host Bahá’í stuff with impunity. I know coz they said I could. 😉 within reason, anyway. maybe not hosting whole youth conferences, but… well, maybe we could even figure out something for that… *scheming*

so I’m pretty much safe apartment-wise. all I need now is… GRR… A JOB.

In other news, our community is celebrating the Declaration of the Báb tomorrow evening, May 23rd, with a little community supper and readings. I’m doing the readings. Woop! We start with food, and after sundown (when the new Bahá’í day begins) we… well, I haven’t decided yet. stay tuned. What’s cool is that I think this is the first time this community has gotten together to celebrate this Holy Day.

What a blessed day May 23rd is. It’s sort of like celebrating the beginning of the whole world.

On May 29th, at around 3 AM, we’ll also set a new precedent by celebrating the Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh for the very first time together. Well, some of us will be doing it together, anyway — it can be hard for some people to go out at 3 AM and stand up.

Keep in mind while you read this that the Bahá’í community of Victoriaville started with one person ten years ago. The fact that we are now starting to celebrate these things as a community marks a stage in our transformation from scattered band of faithful to united community.


<Megahal> Je suis gilles duceppe.

<Megahal> Il est important de se rappeler de cela.


Woohoo — we formed the Local Spiritual Assembly in Victoriaville today! In the AM I drove over to Sherbrooke and played djembe with one of the children there; that was great fun. The folks from Sherbrooke are so fun, especially the youth! I really enjoyed being there, and I’m glad I went. And I arrived back in Victoriaville with plenty of time to spare! So we got together, signed the required forms, and voilá, we formed an Assembly. Cool. Very cool and very spiritual. Afterwards more people came, from the surrounding region, and we ate, socialized, told stories, and had more fun. Cool.

Of course, now I’m tired as all get-out. Daniel needs sleep, badly!

cogito ergo elk

yes, I’m still looking for work. there are a few more people I should get in touch with to confirm about job opportunities, but after that I think it’s back to gruntwork again. typing up my cv and passing it around and shaking hands while making eye contact. maybe I can sign up for that A+ certification I wanted to take. there are also some courses at the Cégep that I could take to get some honest-to-goodness training instead of limiting myself to hands-on learning, google searching and university textbooks. not that I don’t learn some great stuff doing that, but still, I need to get some specific skills. Like ASP, and ColdFusion. And I want to deepen my knowledge of Java. The problem is that I’m on a strict budget until I can get a job, so there’s not going to be much training if I want my savings to survive.

So, this weekend is the first day of Ridván! Bahá’ís all around the world will gather together to elect Spiritual Assemblies, the basic administrative unit of the community. Here in Victoriaville, we will have the glorious opportunity to form the first Spiritual Assembly ever in this town (not to mention within an hour’s drive from here, too). Anyone with extra prayers to spare, send them over to us! Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly.

Side note: I found Patak’s curry paste in the store! So tonight I was able to make myself a nice vegetable curry, and ate that with some rice and dhal (red lentils). Oh, I SHARE your passion, Patak’s, make no mistake. :9

<Megahal> Hello there. How are you?

<User> Not too bad. And you?

<Megahal> I’d prefer to keep those details private, thank you.