je te permets

en parlant des permis. j’ai rencontré Gaëtane aujourd’hui et elle m’a dit que je peux faire application pour ma carte d’assurance maladie au CLSC, qui est à peine 5 minutes de marche d’ici. et moi qui pensait que j’avais à attendre deux ou trois mois! en tout cas, rien n’est certain, mais je n’en perdrais rien d’essayer. si je n’arrive pas encore à travailler cet été, je pourrais utiliser ma carte d’assurance maladie pour avoir de l’aide sociale (apparrament ils ont besoin du certificat de naissance et de la carte assurance-maladie). oy. c’est tout un brouhaha ces systèmes. j’aurais dû commencer ces applications bien plus tôt, j’aurais eu beaucoup moins de peine.

this title is not original

man it’s so sunny I want to punch myself. what a beautiful day.

I bought some potato salad today and the container was broken on one side. I didn’t notice until I went to open it, so I didn’t know whether it had happened before or after I bought it. I ate it anyway. I might be courting salmonella, but, enh. If I do get salmonella, then I guess I’ll have learned my lesson. I wonder why I do things like that. Oh well.

Anyway, yeah, sunny day, very nice. sweeping the clouds away, and all that.

bleh flu

oh well. I had to get sick sometime. my nose and sinuses have been congested, I’ve been coughing, and I’ve been having hints of headaches and other miscellaneous aches. I’m pretty sure that’s the flu. darn it. I guess I’m going to have to sit around and drink lots of fluids and eat lots of soup. that’s not so bad, actually.

holy moly I created a budget and an expenditure chart for myself yesterday! now I feel really organized. today I’m going to draw up a list of interesting topics for firesides, devotional meetings and deepenings. and call to check and see whether I have a job yet.

LENTIL SOUP with carrots and celery