there she is!!

and now for a cute story about a rabbit and a cat who fall in love. what??? yes. it’s called there she is!! – a short flash animation about a rabbit and a cat who fall in love in a society where such things are forbidden. The animation is simple but extremely well done – especially for a flash cartoon. It’s reminiscent of anime. The background music is awesome Korean alt-pop-rockish stuff (the kind we used to call ‘super-happy’ in high school), and there’s no dialogue – so it’s perfectly understandable. Go see! (Note: Bonus points if you find the easter egg in Episode 2 – watch it through first, of course.)

Episode 1: There she is!!
Episode 2: Cake Dance

return of the ottawa baha’i youth slang glossary

finally, after several years’ absence from the web, the Ottawa Baha’i youth slang glossary is back and more complete than ever. have you ever wondered what those crazy Ottawa youth are saying when they talk about being “j” over someone, or when they call something “e”? do you feel out of step with the world when you hear such terms as “I got numbers”, “clickable”, or “ben de tings”? are you wondering whether you should be pleased or insulted when someone calls you a “heyvoon”? all these questions, and more, are answered in this glossary.

Over 125 terms are explained, with references to etymological origins (i.e. where the word comes from) and links to encyclopedic articles that provide deeper explanations. And if you think I spent too much time putting this together, you’re probably right, but I still hope you enjoy it. Go see. Now.

in which a guitar is violently smashed

hmm. tomorrow is garbage day. the neighbours threw out an old guitar.
some guy just walked past our front walk, saw the guitar, picked it up and started beating the hell out of it. seriously. he whacked it against the sidewalk until it flew into splinters, in some kind of Pete Townshend-esque whacking frenzy. I looked out the window to see what was happening, and called out to him – upon which he stopped, said “rock ‘n roll, dude” and walked away.

Si vous vous demandez c’est quoi que j’ai écrit ci-haut, ben euh un gars vient juste de fesser sur une guitare abandonnée juste en dehors de mon appart… c’est la journée des vidanges demain alors bien sûr ya du stock sur le trottoir, y compris une guitare… pis le gars vient passer, il le voit, le prend et puis il commence à virer fou en le fessant contre le trottoir… entk y en a des ces gens.

En passant (et complètement hors sujet), il y a des nouvelles mises à jour sur le site Jeunesse Baha’ie.

comet woes

You’ve heard that NASA smashed a probe into a comet over the weekend, right? They wanted to see what kind of dust would fly up. Well, my friends, bear witness to the funniest thing ever:

Astrologist sues NASA over crash

MOSCOW, Russia (Reuters) — A Russian astrologist who says NASA has altered her horoscope by crashing a spacecraft into a comet is suing the U.S. space agency for damages of $300 million, local media has reported.


random, senseless headlines

so here’s what I’ve learned recently:

still more interesting search terms!!!!!!!

hidey ho friends on this dark and cloudy day full of promise of whiplash and dangerous behaviour. this is your captain speaking, thank you for flying squished bugs airlines, you are on the flight from ottawa straight to heaven knows where, please note that we will not be stopping for potty breaks. please note that this is a non-smoking flight; anyone caught lighting up will be immediately and forcibly ejected. our movie tonight is Ishtar meets Jaws, and our in-flight menu is printed below. please buckle your seatbelts and prepare for massive and irresponsible turbulence. over and out, charlie.

  • when does Loblaws restock (whenever they feel like it?)
  • what happened at the doberman pass? (that’s for me to know and you to butt out)
  • MacArthur Bowling lanes (this might help)
  • comment preparer la pizza
  • i mean photos of wwe smackdown on september 19 2002 (sorry, I didn’t hear you the first time)
  • o people of baha
  • crazy doberman eating self (…and I think we have a winner for this month’s wierdest search)
  • compactor photoblog (hi, my name’s bud. I work at a compactor. here are photos.)
  • tim hortons name of donat (doNUT! doNUT!!!!)
  • silver refining pics
  • big apple hostel blog
  • u kick my dog (liar, did not)
  • signification odanak (ça veut dire “au village”, ou simplement “village”)
  • sky blog msp (don’t mix your search terms, it’s bad for you)
  • paint bedroom in cat in the hat (sure!)
  • that’s nice pizza (yes, it is)
  • toyota car fumes seal
  • martin reflection meeting Ottawa (he’s inimitable)
  • naw ruz inshallah
  • harriet’s magic hats (yay!)
  • baha’i fast (and variations)
  • ottawa lactose free pizza
  • noodle pizza (eww)
  • What is Ayyam-i-ha (here you go)
  • “i got a haircut today” (so did I!)
  • baha’i dating
  • regles du tock (voir ici!)
  • Hair Salon Blogs (hmmmmmm… try this one maybe?)
  • celebration 162
  • used mopeds in victoriaville
  • It seems like everything important that we do, and you’re wearing white and I am wearing bleu (that ought to be a song lyric)
  • laurent bakery phil
  • love.persian blog
  • holla back video by no doubt (dammit, you found my secret link!!!)
  • heres a little story of a man named jed (heheheh)
  • days importante the sahara desert (IshTAR!!)
  • horse language
  • all i want is a photo of a pizza (well FINE THEN)
  • john paul II+vegetarianism (was he a vegetarian too?)
  • every time i cough I get tired (you’ve got SARS)