volkswagons of the sea

Seen lately on a Baha’i email list which shall remain nameless:

Let us move like the volkswagons of the sea purposefully with determination regardless of our limitations.

nothing to say about it really, except that it gives a wonderfully hilarious mental image. I wonder how these volkswagons are supposed to navigate the sea? oh, and I’m not hating, either, I really did laugh. there comes a time in everyone’s life when we just happen to run out of good metaphors 😉

in quest of a study circle

the work of a regional institute coordinator is pretty hard…


when misagh attackswhat began as an Ottawa in-joke is growing into an international meme thanks to the power of the Internet. imagine my surprise at the uproar caused by an innocent photo of me and Hooman posted to flickr following a local celebration of the ninth day of Ridván (the same one where Eric Farr performed). Not only have people around the world discovered the hilarity of heyvooning, they’re doing it themselves—and posting the photos to flickr, where a new heyvoon group collects the fallout. Check it out, and be sure to contribute samples of your own neighbourhood heyvoonery.

harriet’s magic hats

first of all, my apologies to those of you who didn’t grow up in Canada in the 80’s. I did, and when I was a little boy there was a kid’s show called Harriet’s Magic Hats, about Aunt Harriet and her magic chest of hats. Aunt Harriet’s nieces would always go to the attic to try on the hats, and every time they did, they would be transported away to a place related to the hat they chose. For example, putting on a chef’s hat might transport one to a professional kitchen, putting on a firefighter’s hat would bring one to a firehall, etc. Personally, I credit this show with giving me an odd obsession with hats; as an homage to the show’s lasting effect on my psyche, one of the character attributes in the notorious what’s your pokéname? (yes, I made it) is a “magic chest of hats”. Now friends, thanks to the magic of YouTube, let us relive the glory of those golden days.

cultivating the roots video

You saw it here first: Here’s the unofficial Cultivating The Roots commemorative video. Tell your friends!

Update: Check it out – a podcast of the talks at the conference!

bruce lee: teach the faith, my friend

Betcha didn’t even know Bruce Lee was a Baha’i. Or that he spoke with a Spanish accent. lol. Thanks to NaimFT on YouTube.

Disclaimer: No, Bruce Lee wasn’t actually a Baha’i 😉