the killer québécois diet

Oh, the things I’ve started eating since coming to Québec. I just finished eating a nice big slice of sugar pie. Aaahhhhh refined sugar and dairy products. Then there’s the poutine. No, I haven’t managed to cut that out of my diet. Even though I usually regret it every time I eat it… it’s just too deliiiiiciouuuuuus. Then there’s the cheese. Unaged, firm cheese. It squeaks in your mouth. Like cheese curds! When I came here I thought cheese curds were gross. But now I love ’em. Then there’s other things that I don’t eat, but are just too notable to overlook: cretons (basically a rough pork pâté, I think), backbacon, barbecue chicken, tourtière, and many other things that don’t immediately come to mind. Oh the artery-hardening goodness!


photos and road trips

I just got back from partying with the Bahá’í community of Drummondville, man that was fun! I’ve celebrated the Birthday of the Báb three times so far — once in Danville, once in Victoriaville, once in Drummondville. Each one was super cool in its own right, but I must say going to Drummondville was especially fun. first of all, I got to meet the Drummondville community in their own digs for the first time, and as well, they were in the midst of a proclamation project, and they set up shop in a storefront with posters about the Faith and so on. there was a short presentation on the Báb, then prayers, and then songs. And then of course we ate!

Man. Bahá’ís sure know how to eat.

Also, I’m gradually getting all my photos from the latest quebec youth conference. I have two rolls so far. there are quite a few good pictures there. yay 🙂

Anyway. I go back to work at La Brûlerie des Cantons tomorrow… yay for work! and as I said before, part time is better than no time at all.

oh btw

i got paid. pretty nifty sum for a week’s work. oh and i am drinking pepsi @*$@(%@(*@#!#!!!

this title is not original

man it’s so sunny I want to punch myself. what a beautiful day.

I bought some potato salad today and the container was broken on one side. I didn’t notice until I went to open it, so I didn’t know whether it had happened before or after I bought it. I ate it anyway. I might be courting salmonella, but, enh. If I do get salmonella, then I guess I’ll have learned my lesson. I wonder why I do things like that. Oh well.

Anyway, yeah, sunny day, very nice. sweeping the clouds away, and all that.

random ramblings

lettuce here isn’t that much more expensive than it is in Ottawa right now, according to Loeb Glebe anyway. yesterday I bought hydroponic leaf lettuce for 1.99, the same thing would have gone for 1.49 in Ottawa. okay, it’s way more expensive. but usually I would buy romaine lettuce, which is 1.69.

It seems that Victoriaville, on the whole, is less vegetarian-friendly than Ottawa. It is somewhat friendly, and I’m quite glad about that. La Manne [français] is a restaurant/natural food store, like a combination of The Green Door and Rainbow Foods. BTW, is there anyone reading this who doesn’t know that I’m vegetarian? Sorry. Now you know.

Anyway, not much happening this weekend, but on Monday I go take pictures at l’École du Manège, and in the evening I join a Ruhi Book 2 circle with Claire and company in Montreal. Woohoo! And yay sunshine! And yay disappearing sickness!

bleh flu

oh well. I had to get sick sometime. my nose and sinuses have been congested, I’ve been coughing, and I’ve been having hints of headaches and other miscellaneous aches. I’m pretty sure that’s the flu. darn it. I guess I’m going to have to sit around and drink lots of fluids and eat lots of soup. that’s not so bad, actually.

holy moly I created a budget and an expenditure chart for myself yesterday! now I feel really organized. today I’m going to draw up a list of interesting topics for firesides, devotional meetings and deepenings. and call to check and see whether I have a job yet.

LENTIL SOUP with carrots and celery