baha’i food pictures

mireya writes in looking for pictures of Baha’i food – food served at Baha’i celebrations, commemorations, and various occasions. what can I do but oblige?

varia ria ria ria ria ria

today was national jam tasting day at work. i brought homemade jam, and we tasted it. on host pieces (square sheets of cracker-like substance used to make communion wafers – also called retailles d’hosties in french. that was good for a few laughs. (p.s.: several sheets of this stuff have been swiped by well-meaning francophones so far.) the jam was good – most people seemed to like the blueberry-cranberry variety. the mixed berry jam came in a close second and the cranberry jam won its own share of converts, too. heheheh. converts.

so my family and I celebrated Mothers’ Day by going out to see the tulips at the Canadian Tulip Festival. It was a beautiful day – bright sun, cool breeze, and lots of very pretty tulips all around. I got lost in the flowers and just took picture after picture. I screwed up the focus on some of them, but most of the close shots were fine. see some of them on my photoblog.

noticed recently: farshid is posting new updates to his website again, after a long hiatus. check out his pictures from the National Baha’i Convention in Montreal. also found on his website is a link to payamos‘s blog (payam aka payou). also, if you’re a fan of Google Maps‘s satellite feature, why not check out the Baha’i Temple in Wilmette, Illinois, or the Canadian Baha’i National Centre in Thornhill, Ontario?

lastly: for those of you interested in hunting (for or against it), you’ll be interested in this article about the… well, bizarre practice of computer-aided hunting. uhh. visit a web site and shoot an animal with your mouse? I could think of more fulfilling things to be doing with my time, like… collecting toenail clippings. now, while i’m not a big fan of hunting, I recognize that it has its place, particularly hunting out of necessity (i.e. gathering food, etc.) I have to admit I’m against hunting for sport; isn’t it rather crass and disrespectful to take the life of an animal just because you want its head on your wall? Furthermore, if you’re going to hunt and kill something, it’d be honourable to at least be there when you’re doing it, no? Or even to do as early Native American hunters did and say prayers of thanks to the animal’s spirit for yielding its life in the hunt. anyway. that was a rant. a rather blunt rant, too. sorry if I’ve offended anybody. I’ll be off now. I’m going to go kill something and eat it.

veggies are good

Imagine my surprise when my generally carnivorous friend Martin forwarded me a link to this wonderful compilation of the Baha’i Writings on vegetarianism and the virtues thereof. I thought it so enlightening that I’d share it with all of you. Thanks Martin. You know we can always use more apologetics for this beautiful and simple way of life.

For those of you who don’t know: although Baha’is are not prescribed any particular diet to follow, the Writings of the Baha’i Faith praise vegetarianism as a natural diet that’s better adapted to the human body than meat-eating. Not too sure about that? Read up on it.

P.S. (10 PM): …and here are a few other veggie links for your perusal:, run by the Toronto Vegetarian Association; the UK’s Vegetarian Society; VegWeb, a site with recipes; The Green Door, Ottawa’s original vegetarian restaurant; Le Commensal, a Montreal-based vegetarian restaurant chain that also sells its own line of veggie products; La Manne, a vegetarian grocery store/restaurant in my old digs, Victoriaville.

P.S. #2 (Monday): Check out this book from Publisher George Ronald — “I’ll have the Fruit and Grains, please!

christmas and random interesting anecdotes

Today’s a festive day at work. For one thing, it appears that our external network connectivity is down. Huzzah! Of course, I can still blog, so it’s not entirely down, but goodness knows, we all need a little loss of network connectivity. It allows us time to look around us and take stock of where we are in life, to feel grateful for family and friends, and to take care of the little things like picking little slivers of skin out of the folds next to our fingernails, sweeping crumbs off our desks, and tossing out month-old post-it notes.

Anyway, besides that, today’s “Goodies Day” in Publishing. I brought over a bunch of Tim Horton’s goodies, such as cinnamon rolls, pecan butter tarts, and their specialty December donuts (named “Chocolate Snowflake”; they’re sprinkled with cocoa powder). Others brought cookies, frosted muffins, crab roll things — and not everyone’s here yet. I’m looking forward to it. I like goodies. Call me attached to the things of this world, but I do like and enjoy good food. Anyway, further to the goodies in Publishing today, IT is supposedly having its potluck lunch tomorrow. So pizza (and apple crisp, maybe) is in order for Thursday. Add to that the fact that my workload has been reduced to near-zero thanks to diligently slicing through the glut of requests that clogged my inbox last week, and I’d have to say that this week has been a pretty good week.

I’ve been getting a lot of spam. Today I got a message entitled: “What Al-Quran says about: Devil / Satan”. It’s supposedly a live discussion over Internet hosted by some Quran-study group based in Pakistan. They offer a study session in Urdu. I think I’ll attend that one. Not.

Ok, time for work now. Here’s looking at you.

more pleasant news!

hey, my boss just got back to me again and told me that, depending on how much work there is to be done and how much of a mess the databases are in, I might even have enough work to go until the Christmas holidays. YEAH! That means I might be able to work up til the 19th of December, and then GO ON HOOOOOLIDAAAAAAAAYYYYY YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA

oh and BTW, I ended up tossing out that killer sauce yesterday. It just smelled too funky. I ate the spaghetti with butter and salt & pepper (which is actually quite good). All hail common sense!

the stark fist of reality

I just made jam! I’m so happy when I make jam. I managed not to screw up the jam, either. the jars are sealed and everything looks hunki dori. it is a little sweet, though. I think I might have used too much sugar. making jam in the most humid month of the year is a real trip. I recommend it.

I hereby resolve never to put a glass or ceramic pot on an oven burner again. thankfully, there were no injuries except to my pride.

anyway, in other news, I got more details about the work contract I blogged about earlier: it is indeed full-time work, better paid than my last contract, and will last from September 2nd until the Christmas holidays. I should net a nice, comfortable profit from it, even after my bills are paid. the work will consist of managing a client database which is apparently real hard to understand, doing data entry, and possibly some design. If I’m lucky (and nice) I may be able to increase the database’s sanity somewhat.

Oh yes, and the work will be in Victoriaville, so it will involve a commute. Anyone who wishes may now laugh at me for moving from Victoriaville to Drummondville back in April. I’m still not moving back, though. I’m a-stayin’. Commuting? I can deal with that. Besides, I can carpool with my old supervisor, who lives in Drummondville too. (Woohoo!) In January, I should be able to find something nice, something closer to home. (And I can start looking now.)

MONEY-RELATED HAPPINESS AND JOY. POSITIVITY AND CONTENTMENT. This will be a nice challenge, and a good chance to sharpen my skills in database management.