time for a photo blowout!

got icecream?so I’ve been real busy lately, right? so busy that I haven’t had time to do the most basic things, like, say, upload photos to flickr. well that was up until yesterday, anyway – cos now there’s a whole bunch of new photos.

the summer vacation set is complete – marvel at this past summer’s infamous train trip to moncton to visit family and eat lobster and quahogs. Also be sure to check out two related videos I uploaded to Youtube: a view of my train pulling into Bathurst, and Catherine showing us the joys of clay beaches.

Next, check out a beautiful set of nature walk photos, capturing the changing colours of the leaves both in Ottawa and at Pink Lake in Gatineau Park.

Finally, revel in the randomness of our random party at East Side Mario’s. See old friends, meet new people, celebrate pejman’s birthday, and discover the new craze that’s sweeping the nation.

Want more? Visit my list of photosets, browse through my flickr photostream, or explore my photos on an interactive map.

back in ottawa

yar har fiddle de deeoh ho ho ho I’m back in ottawa after my ten-day-long vacation. look out for photos to be posted gradually on my flickr site in the week (weeks!) to come. still pretty exhausted, and still almost feeling as if I’m still on vacation. a few days of slaving over a hot web queue should fix that up.

moncton was fun, restful and refreshing. the family reunion was a great occasion for me to renew ties with relatives I hadn’t seen in ten years – and to meet ones I didn’t even know I had. suddenly it’s like the whole family tree suddenly sprang to life. besides the reunion, we did a lot of hanging around on the beach – sunbathing, swimming, digging clams. we ate a lot of seafood, too. I gorged myself on fried clams (and paid for it dearly, with indigestion – whoops). there were a couple of lobster dinners too, as well as raw oysters and quahogs (yes, I ate raw seafood), and a nice seafood chowder/stew/thing c/o my aunt. there was lots of visiting during the week I was there – not long visits, but just enough to give you a taste of people’s company and make you want to keep up the contact. on the final day, I paid a visit to good friend Jinous Allard with my aunt, and we got the chance to chat and welcome her into her new home in riverview – across the petitcodiac river from moncton.

more soon – in the meantime, there are new pictures. also check out arash city, which has been experiencing record-breaking amounts of new content lately – the latest is a set of photos from Fern and Valentina’s corn roast over the weekend (also featuring arash’s vacation beard).

moncton! (and remaindered links)

cya all… off to moncton for the Goguen/Després family reunion. have a great week. I may get online once or twice during the week but I am probably going to have too much fun chillin’ with family and eating fried clams to do much blogging. in the meantime, you can check out my flickr site – besides the more recent lac philippe photos, I’ve posted up a bunch of older photos of the Baha’i community in Québec (from back when I was pioneering in Victoriaville). (Update 07-aug-2006: a couple of vacation photos have been posted to give you an idea of how things have been going. enjoy!) anyway, that’s all for now – keep the faith and keep coming back!

a few links to keep things interesting during the week:

Pikapika: The Lightning Doodle Project – whoa.

Next Level Radio – a Baha’i-inspired hip-hop/electronic/urban podcast

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bahaijournal.com – a new baha’i blog

Web Sudoku – aaaaaaah sudoku!

Disadventure! – one man’s struggle to write his dissertation, told as one of those old text-based adventure games.

Breakdancing for the Pope – Pretty righteous!

little tiny update

hey. not much happening; really busy at work right now. I’m taking a two-minute break. mom’s birthday was yesterday; we went out to Suisha Gardens and had some phat Japanese food. Sushi. yummmm. Tempura. YUMMM. Most amazing restaurant ever. Tamara booked a tatami room for us (a westernized version where you don’t really have to kneel). I’d love to go back and get the real article – I hear they actually have kneeling rooms. Anyway, the ambience was excellent and so was the hospitality. Our waiter(s) did an excellent job of dodging my niece as she darted about the room during the evening.

In other news: it’s Groundhog Day, and Canadian groundhogs seem to concur in predicting an early spring this year. This potentially spells doom for well-loved winter activities such as skiing, skating, and snowshoeing – hopefully Winterlude will still go on as planned.

thanksgiving photos

talk about a late dinner? here are some photos from my family’s thanksgiving dinner last October. more family photos are going up slowly but surely.

what’s more, Wildfire Dance Theatre performed on Saturday night. I have screen captures from videos I took (the photos I took didn’t turn out real well because of the low light conditions, but the video captures look pretty good), so watch for those soon.

the Fast seems harder this year than in previous years. perhaps it’s because I haven’t been eating as well as in previous years (and I’ve been getting less sleep, too). today seems to be the best day so far, though – I got up early and even got into work early (around 8:30 instead of 9:00)… and I don’t feel quite as tired, thanks to taking a whole day to rest yesterday. sometimes you really need rest. I understand why Shameem always takes naps now. they really work.

Only seven days ’til Naw-ruz. Reco’nize.

four walls

for the past two days I’ve been basically stuck inside my apartment on sick leave because every time I try to walk somewhere or do something, I get tired. wednesday after work I tried to do some grocery shopping… man… I could barely keep walking. I ended up dozing off with my head stuck in some nuts (individual plastic tubs of nuts in the bulk food section). just about the only thing I can do is lie down on my couch/bed/futon and snooze and think about how tired I am. good thing there’s a phone and internet service nearby or I’d be bored out of my head. I guess I could watch movies, too. There’s that three-hour-long “Jesus” movie that someone loaned to me and that I still haven’t watched. I dunno. I think I’d have to be in a rather particular mood to watch that one.

anyway. this isn’t “normal” tiredness, would you agree? I mean, after a day of sitting upright in front of a computer at work, I get home and bam – no energy whatsoever. motionless 65-kg lump.

Hadi (muh bro) will be going to Halifax next week (read about it on Tamara’s website). He was in Saskatoon last week. Damn that’s cool. It must be nice working for the National Gallery. You get to go all over Canada in planes and stay in nice hotels. Zea (Hadi and Tamara’s daughter) is around thirteen months old now and is saying things – disconnected things, but definitely things. Apparently she likes to sit on Hadi when he gets home. hehehe. Ayyam-i-Há is coming up (in a month!)… perhaps a nifty gift for a nifty niece is in order. Giving gifts is fun. Especially when nobody’s in the malls because the Christmas season was months ago.

I’m getting tired (grrrr) so I’ll see you all around. everything is just upside down and sideways… whatever this malady is, I hope it’s gonna go away. hopefully it’s some combination of stress, weather, cold, and fairy dust. anyway. let’s be positive and optimistic. sunshine and lollipops. blue flowers. TUBS OF ICE CREAM HO HO HO