planning and dreaming

well, I’m feeling a mite better this morning. today I will get picked up by Craig & Geneviève and mosey on over to Drummondville for the reflection meeting there, which goes on until 15h00, then I’ll get back home, make myself a nice bowl of lentil soup with carrots and celery, and scheme as to how I’m gonna get my courtesy car back to its owners. jolly!

for a guy who never plans anything, this is quite a lot of planning. man. I look in the mirror nowadays and say “who’s that?”

I had a dream this morning. It was a beautiful sunny day. I remember being on a big stage in an even bigger park — like one of those stages they erect for music festivals, you know? and everyone was busy setting up and going here and there and so forth and I was helping out to the best of my ability. then suddenly, everybody got off the stage and the bleachers filled up — the bleachers were to the left of the stage, too, not facing the stage or anything — and there was no other crowd anywhere else. I was left alone on stage with a microphone, so I took initiative and started to MC. the crowd cheered. but then I started getting all this feedback, because the speakers out on the high towers in the grass were pointing towards the stage. everyone winced and I tried my best to avoid creating feedback, but it didn’t work very well. eventually I woke up. and I had had a good sleep!

nice tings

tomorrow the car comes, unless something wack happens like it gets hit by a meteorite. I also have to get up before 10 AM because that’s when the 19-day feast is scheduled. 😛 er, I mean 🙂


hey, the community had a really phat meeting with the Quebec Bahá’í Council tonight. It was really positive with lots of great energy and encouragement. I sense a lot of good things are going to come in the months ahead. And OH MY GOD! The phattest of the phat news! Someone new just declared her faith in Bahá’u’lláh this week in Drummondville. And she’s cool, too. I met her. She’s a youth, I think about my age, and she’s a friend of one of the Bahá’í youth in the town. Cool cool cool cool 🙂 Now that brings up the number of Bahá’ís in Drummondville to… 6 I think? 6 is a GOOD NUMBER because it’s only 3 away from 9 🙂 That brings it a little closer to home, when someone you’ve met becomes Bahá’í, because you can tell when a person is open and searching for the message of Bahá’u’lláh, and you know you want that person to get connected, you just wonder how it’ll come about. This person met and talked to a lot of Bahá’ís the one time I saw her, and it must have had an effect. Man. Good stuff… I’m happy. Drummondville is doing good stuff. I want to work with them more. That reminds me, I have some emails to do.

Anyway, I’m having some toast and going to bed. g’night. Hey, where am I supposed to get cheap halloween candy? anybody know? I checked at the local pharmacy and it wasn’t quite as rebated as I thought it would be. You’d think it’d be pretty cheap after Halloween. anyway, peace out. peace. peace out. take it easy. peace out. hi there. bye there. peace out.

photos and road trips

I just got back from partying with the Bahá’í community of Drummondville, man that was fun! I’ve celebrated the Birthday of the Báb three times so far — once in Danville, once in Victoriaville, once in Drummondville. Each one was super cool in its own right, but I must say going to Drummondville was especially fun. first of all, I got to meet the Drummondville community in their own digs for the first time, and as well, they were in the midst of a proclamation project, and they set up shop in a storefront with posters about the Faith and so on. there was a short presentation on the Báb, then prayers, and then songs. And then of course we ate!

Man. Bahá’ís sure know how to eat.

Also, I’m gradually getting all my photos from the latest quebec youth conference. I have two rolls so far. there are quite a few good pictures there. yay 🙂

Anyway. I go back to work at La Brûlerie des Cantons tomorrow… yay for work! and as I said before, part time is better than no time at all.