funny dreams

I had some pretty funny dreams last night, and by “funny” I mean genuinely amusing. I thought I’d share them here before I forget them.

In the first dream, I was back from my trip to Vietnam and back to work at the Conference Board of Canada, being warmly welcomed back by my colleagues. My boss was particularly interested in talking to me, to bring me up to speed on the company’s latest research product: an extensive review of Book 1 of the Ruhi Institute’s community training series, Reflections on the Life of the Spirit. I was quite surprised—and speechless—but thoroughly impressed as I leafed through the draft of the thick research publication, which analysed the book’s impact on organizational performance—and presented it in quite a good light.

In the second dream, I was looking around for my good friend Martin so I could have a friendly chat with him. When I found him, he was dressed in snappy work clothes, extremely busy with innumerable tasks for the Spiritual Assembly of Ottawa, the Cluster Growth Committee, and other Baha’i institutions. Acknowledging my presence without looking at me, he asked me to address myself to his clone, who was sitting nearby, wearing jeans and looking relaxed and welcoming. I was extremely confused, but began talking with Marty’s clone, who explained that due to the mounting workload of the Baha’i Institutions and the pressures of his social life, Martin had decided to create a clone of himself to deal specifically with social issues, such as hanging out with friends, playing card games, updating his personal website, late-night runs to McDonald’s and Denny’s, and so on.

un rêve

J’étais à Odanak dans mon rêve – une réserve autochtone près de Pierreville. C’était une journée claire. Je voyais la route principale, des bâtiments isolés le long de la route, les pôles et les câbles téléphoniques, et beaucoup de grandes herbes des couleurs d’automne – brunâtre, beige, avec un peu de vert restant. Je crois qu’il n’y avait personne. J’étais seul. Je volais vers l’est (nord-est), dans la direction de Baie-du-Febvre. J’ignore quelle était ma destination. En volant, je fis soudainement face à un mur, un grand mur bleu grisâtre, bleu de pluie. Je ne pouvais pas aller par-dessus du mur, et il me fallait passer par une porte opaque, de la même couleur. Cette porte était au niveau du sol, sur la route. En passant par la porte, je rentrais dans un petit vestibule, encore de la même couleur. Il faisait moins clair là-dedans, puisqu’il n’y avait pas de fenêtres ni de lampes. Par exemple, il me semble qu’il y avait un miroir, une table, et un petit tapis. Il y avait une autre porte opaque, identique à l’autre, à l’autre bout du petit vestibule. Je voulais ouvrir cette porte et continuer mon voyage, mais de l’autre côté de cette porte, j’entendis gronder et aboyer une bête féroce. Je ne voulais pas faire face à cette bête, alors, même que j’étais déçu, j’ai fait demi-tour, sortant du vestibule par la porte par laquelle je suis rentré.

Si vous lisez mon journal de façon régulière, vous devriez connaître la signification de ce rêve.

funny dream

oh yeah, and I meant to mention this dream I had yesterday morning. I don’t remember too much of it anymore, but what I do remember is Ayafor (who, in case you don’t know, is a Bahá’í originally from Cameroon who went to Ottawa University and who I lived with for one summer, and who just recently had to go back to Cameroon because of visa problems) — anyway, Ayafor with big, curly hair with light brown highlights. Kind of like Scary Spice.

Draw your own conclusions.

planning and dreaming

well, I’m feeling a mite better this morning. today I will get picked up by Craig & Geneviève and mosey on over to Drummondville for the reflection meeting there, which goes on until 15h00, then I’ll get back home, make myself a nice bowl of lentil soup with carrots and celery, and scheme as to how I’m gonna get my courtesy car back to its owners. jolly!

for a guy who never plans anything, this is quite a lot of planning. man. I look in the mirror nowadays and say “who’s that?”

I had a dream this morning. It was a beautiful sunny day. I remember being on a big stage in an even bigger park — like one of those stages they erect for music festivals, you know? and everyone was busy setting up and going here and there and so forth and I was helping out to the best of my ability. then suddenly, everybody got off the stage and the bleachers filled up — the bleachers were to the left of the stage, too, not facing the stage or anything — and there was no other crowd anywhere else. I was left alone on stage with a microphone, so I took initiative and started to MC. the crowd cheered. but then I started getting all this feedback, because the speakers out on the high towers in the grass were pointing towards the stage. everyone winced and I tried my best to avoid creating feedback, but it didn’t work very well. eventually I woke up. and I had had a good sleep!