baha’i youth meeting tonight, 7:30 @ 40 landry!

look alive, it’s tonight… make your way over and join us! let’s show Counsellor Scott how ready we are to “storm the gates of heaven” and throw our lot in to the work of the Five Year Plan!

We may well emulate Bahá’í youth whose recent surge forward into the van of proclamation and teaching is one of the most encouraging and significant trends in the Faith, and who storm the gates of heaven for support in their enterprises by long-sustained, precedent and continuing prayer. We are all able to call upon Bahá’u’lláh for His Divine, all-powerful aid, and He will surely help us. For He is the Hearer of prayers, the Answerer.

(Ridván Message, 1972 / 129 B.E.,
from the Universal House of Justice)

Addendum: The meeting was powerful, inspiring and challenging… the call to arise and serve was given – and one of the most simple and practical ways we can arise is to go through the sequence of Ruhi courses, and make sure we get the practice done! Visiting people in their homes, studying prayers with them, and offering our service in the core activities (study circles, devotional meetings, children’s classes, and junior youth groups) – that’s where it’s at… One thing that really stuck out for me: we grow spiritually the more we try to change the society around us… we can’t grow spiritually by just talking or sitting at home. If we want to really fulfill our life’s purpose and become better people we have to go out into the world, serve, teach, try our best to reflect the names and attributes of God, and little by little change the way things happen around us.

Want to get involved in a study circle and take those first few steps? Get in touch with Martin, Sahba or Ayafor and they will gladly help hook one up.

ruhi 2 study circle in victoriaville

you’re now reading the blog of one of the new members of the administrative council of the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi Drummond. Pretty cool, huh? they had a meeting of the general assembly (or however that’s supposed to be used in a sentence) tonight, and I suddenly realized that they’re all a bunch of very strange people. well, perhaps I should say that they have pretty refreshing senses of humor. it’s the first general assembly meeting I’ve been to where we were given little paper umbrellas, had to duck every five minutes, and got to practice our golfing skills. I think I’ll leave my description at that for now and let you all wonder about the rest.

We had another edition of the infamous Ruhi 2 study circle in Victoriaville last night, which, as usual, was plenty of laughs, deep thought, and throwing around a stuffed pelican. Last night we went through the infamous “positive-negative” exercise, where we all joined in a free-for-all of alternately complaining and being optimistic. Man it just blows my mind how these study circles can be fun and yet we LEARN SO MUCH. I don’t know what we’re doing to have it turn out so good but it’s the most fun I’ve ever had. It’s infamous!

I got to see Geneviève and Craig’s new house. They now live in the Arthabaska sector of Victoriaville — the southern one, closest to the mountain. Man is their place beautiful. They have an amazing view. They’re right up there nestled in the hills. Craig kept telling me how he would wake up in the morning and feel like he was in a holiday home. And the house itself is, well, wow. It’s really ideal. big, open, spacious, welcoming, everything a Bahá’í home should be.

Over the weekend I participated in a Ruhi Book 7 study circle in Montreal. That was another pure joy. Actually it was the first time amongst all the study circles that I’ve done that we were stirring up so much trouble and acting so goofy. But still we got all our work done! man I love these people. Oh, and Mom, Dad and Catherine came down from Ottawa to meet me while I was there, and Mom brought me this really gorgeous table with a design in it that she etched herself. I’ll take photos and put them up here.

I love study circles. They’re not like anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’s a circle of people who forge bonds between them, study the sacred Writings of the Bahá’í Faith, and share their understanding of them freely, openly, without any sort of pressure or censure. People just open up, and we just deepen our understanding and learn the most amazing things from this sharing. Where else in this world can we have an experience like this?

If you’d like to take part in a study circle in your area, send me a comment using the link on the sidebar of this page.

And in one last note: More pictures are up from the Montreal Bahá’í Youth Conference! There’s a set from Payam and a set from Martin. Go check ’em out!

quick note: blahs & ruhi 2

I just noticed something. the posts to my blog lately have had very little trace of misery and depression and blahs. almost like everything’s been all good. well, not ALL the things have been good, but, overall, things in general have been good. I’m really happy with the way my life is going. As long as I keep up the efforts of finding a job, and I keep being able to serve the Bahá’í community, I’ll still be real happy.

also let me just say that we just had the second get-together of Victoriaville’s one and only Ruhi Book 2 study circle! It’s starting out well so far. Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun with it. If the start is any sign of things to come, then this should be a really amazing group. It’s really neat coming back to Victoriaville, meeting all the same people I was on the Spiritual Assembly with, but this time in the frame of learning and sharing about the Bahá’í Writings. While we were all quiet and doing work, I suddenly had this flashback to the time I took Ruhi Book 3, to that quote from Bahá’u’lláh that says, “Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value.” And I suddenly thought, wow, all these people are rich with so much capacity, and everyone has these gems inside them of different capacities in different degrees. And we’re all here together to help each other develop those capacities to the fullest. It feels really good to be a part of that.