job situation looking up

hello all you friends and family and good people who are interested in my simple life. Here’s an update from my side of the street. I had my first day of work in Drummondville on Thursday the 8th; it was just a short little contract, for an arpenteur-géomètre (i.e. a surveyor) who needed someone to install some network cards and get his network up and running. but it was work, and I was real happy to get it. I’ve been hanging around the Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi since the job search club ended, and it seems to have paid off — one of the people who works there knows someone who might have another contract for me, this time to put together a database with Microsoft Access, and for 4 to 6 weeks no less. So things are definitely looking up.

On the bleah side, I was sick yesterday… some sort of stomach bug. I had to postpone my visit to Défi-Emploi Drummond to today because I was getting some serious runs and dizziness and stuff. It’s much better today. I drank lots of fluids, mom. Lemon and honey in hot water. 😉

Lots more people in Drummondville know me now than when I first came here. I think I’m doing much better than when I came to Victoriaville. I’ve got the hang of this stuff now. By the grace of God, I’ll find something interesting (at good pay).

Things are heating up for the Montreal Bahá’í Youth Conference. Only 6 more days! we’re booked at 96% capacity! Reserve your spot now, don’t be left out!

photos and road trips

I just got back from partying with the Bahá’í community of Drummondville, man that was fun! I’ve celebrated the Birthday of the Báb three times so far — once in Danville, once in Victoriaville, once in Drummondville. Each one was super cool in its own right, but I must say going to Drummondville was especially fun. first of all, I got to meet the Drummondville community in their own digs for the first time, and as well, they were in the midst of a proclamation project, and they set up shop in a storefront with posters about the Faith and so on. there was a short presentation on the Báb, then prayers, and then songs. And then of course we ate!

Man. Bahá’ís sure know how to eat.

Also, I’m gradually getting all my photos from the latest quebec youth conference. I have two rolls so far. there are quite a few good pictures there. yay 🙂

Anyway. I go back to work at La Brûlerie des Cantons tomorrow… yay for work! and as I said before, part time is better than no time at all.

conference photos

Btw, there are more pictures up from the conference. Here’re a few choice ones of people I know (well, or vaguely):

I’ll post some of my own photos soon enough, too. Let’s hope I have enough time to put them up… and hope I have access to a scanner 😉

little birds singing

so yo. I’m back home in Ottawa, and already they’ve put up pictures from the Montreal conference! Yay! I’m going to get mine developed today — four rolls. woo! heheh. I’m still pretty pumped from the conference. It feels really good to be around so many old friends and to make so many new friends, and all the while to be together to study and deepen our understanding of the world.

I’m slowly getting my rest again, too. man. nobody ever gets any sleep at these conferences. some people stayed up even later than we did, too.

I’m listening to Jack Lenz-Doug Cameron-et al kids’ songs. It’s actually a tape I had when I was a kid, called We Are Bahá’ís, but it got busted a while back and wouldn’t play, so I bought myself a new copy. It makes me feel all nostalgic. 🙂