woohoo dead virus

my cold is slowly going away the more I drink water and juice and so on – yay. my sore throat isn’t sore anymore. that’s not really the virus I was talking about, though. the little Pentium 60 MHz that’s been lying around in the corner of my room had a virus in it – W32/Swen@mm, to be precise. I only just found out today, after leaving it out of commission for about, oh, six months? It’s fixed now. yay! I get to have a little machine to work with for my upcoming contract 😉 Ok, granted, a 60-MHz Pentium I rates at about the same level as a toaster oven or a furby by today’s standards, and yes, I know I will have to switch to a newer computer, but hey, at least I have a little toy to play with for a bit and I don’t have to rush too much into buying a PC. BTW, if anyone’s selling a cheap computer (like, Pentium 2 350 MHz and upwards), let me know.

And lastly, here’s the phattest sign hack in the world:

(clam) dip

[found on signs.buzznet.com]


after almost five years of hanging around and not doing much at all to my computer I finally decided (with some hefty moral support) to upgrade my computer. I bought a copy of Mac OS 9.2.1 and a couple of sticks of RAM, and now my old G4 is zooming along happily as pictures get downloaded from my new digital camera. sweet. sweet. sweet. I put this picture as my desktop background. very warhol. well, I liked it. and hey – I can even use MSN messenger again. sweet. still can’t use the little display pictures on the mac version, but oh well. it’s to be expected.

I love my digital camera. I explored buzznet a bit on tuesday night. check out this person who takes pictures of Montreal metro stations as a hobby. For those not in the know, Montreal metro stations are one of my favourite things in the whole wide world. also featured on buzznet is Wil Wheaton (you know, the guy who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: TNG). He’s cool. and there are lots of other people who take very good photos. check it out. or else.

tonight is feast night in ottawa. I have a meeting tho, for the 3CJ – in Montreal. it should be cool tho, we’re all going to the Commensal on Queen Mary, near the U of M. we’re gonna talk about HOT TOPICS OMG OMG and André Bergeron from the Conseil Baha’i du Québec will be with us to straighten us all out act as a liaison to our committee. committee committee committee committee. what a waste of letters. why are there so many double letters in the word committee? the french have it right: “comité”. anyway. uhhh I’m going back to Drummondville tomorrow, and staying until Ridvan. after that…?

watch this space. fnord.


more photos… and I am working on concepts for a redesign of my site today. at the same time gathering price info for upgrades to my computer – a Yikes! G4 350 mHz. kind of wondering whether it would be safe to upgrade to Mac OS X or whether I should just upgrade to 9 for the time being (until I get a wad of cash to upgrade all my loot)! we’ll see. RAM is apparently pretty expensive right now, and my box takes a type of RAM that’s being phased out. blah. I might choose to upgrade to something a bit more recent – iMac or eMac. save the trouble of shelling out for the RAM and OS upgrades and so forth. the only problem is the software upgrades – but if I can get a trade-in for a newer, faster box under OS X, and I pump it up a little bit, I should be able to run my current software in classic mode (at least until I can upgrade).

hmmm, new photos today. I went out and took some artsy shots in the backyard. oh by the way in case I didn’t mention it I’m back in Ottawa for the time being. Going back on thurs nite. taco supreme. hmm I could use a taco supreme. or zesty nachos. WOOT

BTW: ever seen this? Who needs screensavers…

untitled friday

What day is it? Oh, it’s Friday. I’m so glad it’s Friday. I’m glad I don’t have to come in to work tomorrow. I’m tired and I need a break. I had a lot of things to do this week and didn’t get much sleep. It was one of those weeks. Come tonight, I’m just gonna take it easy, let myself get some rest, and go some good stuff for myself, like exercise, cleaning up my apartment, and so on. Mom and Dad should be coming down tomorrow morning, so that’ll be fun. and on Sunday, it’s my birthday, and I’ve been invited over for dinner at France and Jessika’s. And to top it all off, there’s a 3CJ meeting Sunday night. WOOHOO

Hey, I already got one birthday present. Gabrielle gave me her old computer, which she wasn’t using anymore. it’s a family hand-me-down; a Pentium. JUST Pentium. No 2, 3 or 4, or whatever. I don’t even remember what the processor speed is; it must be something like 64 MHz. I’ll look it up and let you know how heartbreakingly low the number is. No, seriously, I really love it. I’ve been wanting a wintel box for a while now, just so I can have some better compatibility with the rest of the people I know (and so that I can run Office without having to shell out to upgrade my G4 to OS X — although I should do that anyway).

So, Sunday I’ll be 24. the older I get, the more chance I have to look back and see just what a winding road I’ve gone down. It’s funny how you get to know some people sometimes and starting out they seem like the happiest, nicest, most fulfilled and well-adjusted people on the face of the planet, but when you get to know them real well you suddenly find out they’ve gone through the most excruciatingly painful tests in their lives. And the best part is, sometimes they’re not putting up a front. Sometimes they really are happy, well-adjusted and fulfilled, even though they’ve gone through what seems like hell to get there. Perhaps that’s because they know that doing their time in this life is better than doing it in the next.

I can’t say that my tests are finished in life; in fact, they’re still only starting. But I like the nature of these new tests. They tell me that I’ve been progressing, that I’ve been growing. Good for me. I’ll just keep on going, one day at a time, and see what else happens. Life is a pretty nutty thing isn’t it? Thanks, God.

For those of you who require more explanation: dig it.

aaaaaaaahhh yeaaaaaaaaah

WOOOO I have internet access on my own computer now. MAN that feels good. I was really missing it. it just wasn’t really fun having no tools to work with. 😛

feels good feels good feels good. hi all you lovely people. now I can look at you all through my nice funky windows, and use the keyboard that I’m used to 🙂

speaking of keyboards, I saw the new imac (aka ilamp) in the store today. It looks pretty cool. I’d like one of those, if I could afford it. looks like it would fit pretty well on my desk.

man. hopefully now I can get more organized. I hope I’ve learned my lesson. 😛