more birthday pics, and flu

so here we go: the dan jones birthday photos. the last-minute invitation for bowling at MacArthur’s Bowling Lanes turned out to be an enjoyable glow-in-the-dark free-for-all – and of course, dinner wasn’t bad, either.

argh. I was sick today. I guess it was a good day to get sick; it was pouring rain and overall very dreary. it was either food poisoning (bad curry) or a sort of 24-hour flu. whatever it was, it seems to have run its course for the most part – although I still can’t eat all that much solid food. man that sucks.

no work tomorrow. my family will probably be having a little get-together on the weekend, not so much to celebrate Christmas as to celebrate our time off. but to all those of you who celebrate Christmas, whether it be as a time for love, honour, and fellowship among men, or whether it be to celebrate the birth into this world of a Manifestation of God, well, Merry Christmas, and many more.

comment for today

hehe. I had dinner at France and Jessika’s place last night, after said dinner got bumped from Sunday night to Tuesday night. It was still a really great dinner, and it was fun to hang out with them. We played Battleship and I won (tho not by much).

I told France that I liked Christmas songs too much and that I was trying to make myself hate them by listening to nothing but Christmas songs all day long. So far, I’ve had mixed results. I’m starting to hate some of the songs, like for example the “Winter Wonderland” one, or “Au Royaume du Bonhomme Hiver” as the French translation is titled. But I still love a whole bunch of them. Anyway, France laughed when I told her this, and she said something really funny… it was to the effect that, I guess your wife and kids are gonna have to watch out when you start a family… you might love them so much that you decide to make yourself hate them. I mean, it’s true, it is kind of pointless to try and make yourself hate something if you really like it. It’s like one of those girly sentimental movies where the girl is trying to make herself hate the guy and she only ends up falling madly in love with him (or vice versa). Not that I watch girly sentimental movies. Except when I’m goaded into it by girls. Guys, you know what I mean… you gotta keep the peace with the ladies, right? So you gotta make some sacrifices sometimes. To keep the ladies happy. So, from time to time, I have witnessed the odd girly sentimental movie. Not that I’ve ever cried during a girly sentimental movie, though. Definitely not. Especially not Titanic. I’m just digging a hole deeper and deeper for myself, here, and I think I’ll stop.