what? where am i?

good afternoon. I got myself stuck in Montreal for the day because the K-Car sprung an oil leak. I just called the garage and they say they fixed it, so I’ll be popping on down there as soon as my oatmeal‘s done. I’m at Nick and Claire’s place, and the garage isn’t all that far, just a bus trip away.

I think this is a serious incentive for me to look for a NEW CAR.

Man. when are all the crazy things going to stop happening? when I stop living a crazy life, I guess.

oh well… sometimes things just happen that way and you can’t do much about them, except learn from them so that they don’t happen the next time.

peace out!

lunch break update

hey, I’m at work, it’s my lunch break. Work is going pretty well; I’ve been travelling this week. Wednesday I returned my courtesy car to Drummondville (and got a friend lost in the process… ooops), and stopped into Warwick to visit someone for work; Thursday I went to St-Ferdinand, again for work — really nice town, and a light snow was falling, which made driving difficult, but it was beautiful; and today I went to Norbertville, yet again for work. I’m seeing quite a bit of the countryside. I like it, too. I say a prayer in each place I go to. You never know what can happen. 🙂

Oh yes, and I’m borrowing a car from one of the local Baha’is; it’s a K-Car! Sure, it’s not as sexy as the Saturn, and it’s certainly not as fuel-efficient as the courtesy car (which was a Hyundai Accent), nor as safe as either of these. But it drives well, it’s not falling apart, and it’s certainly got a charm all its own. Still, I’ll probably keep looking for something else. I’ve been suggested the Toyota Echo as a good, economical car (money-wise and gas-wise). Anybody have any thoughts on that? I would be driving with it quite a bit.

Ah, the future. All we can ever do is guess. More later. Lunch break’s over.

’twas brillig

my it certainly is brillig today. I’m keeping myself busy at work, and I’m waiting for a call from my insurance agent so I can make a clear decision about taking my courtesy car in. hopefully they’ll pay the drop-off fee.

I still have yet to get my photos developed from the holidays, because I keep leaving the film somewhere and forgetting it. bummer.

speaking of bummers, man, I gotta get some rest. This is all part of the benefits of tests, really, they force you to learn how to live properly. in my case, I tend to push myself past my limits, or ignore my limits completely. and the result is that I fall apart and get sick and otherwise run myself into the ground.

more news as it comes in. I plan to rest tonight, if I can.


so, I’m back in Victoriaville after two and a half weeks’ worth of eventful vacation. and, well, it was pretty wacky too. I started working the day after I got back and have only now started feeling vaguely rested. man. I think that was the roughest start I’ve ever had. Objectively speaking. I had a few misgivings when I first started the job because I wasn’t 100% sure what I was supposed to be doing, but as it turns out, it’s started rather well. I know what I’m doing now 🙂 This is going to be cool.

oh yes and I called the garage today, and they said the insurance company called and declared my car totaled — so I guess I won’t be driving back with it. :/ oh well. that’s a bummer. Well we’ll see what happens now. The good news is that one of the local Bahá’ís offered to let me use his spare car — which is sitting in his garage not being used — at least while I’m still at work. wow. that’s pretty amazing and generous. I’m very grateful. Of course, now I have a weekend to figure out all the arrangements and paperwork 😉

I wonder how that’ll go.

I think I’ll go out walking tonight in the -15 C weather and take my photos in to be developed. it’s only 5 minutes, and I’ll get some nice fresh air. then? a shower. and then? go to bed 😛

peace out y’all. nice to see you’re reading all the way to the bottom!

wish me luck

well, tomorrow I have to set off for Victoriaville to start work the day after. the guy at the garage said the car’s not going to be ready as scheduled because the inspector has to come in and take a look at it to — what else — inspect the damage. hopefully I can finagle a way into getting it back without them trying to total it. three thousand for new airbags… grumble grumble.

wait a sec, no grumbling. no use in it. you can grumble and cry, or you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep going with life until you reach your goals. well, not to say that it isn’t okay to grumble every now and then. oh well, let’s just write that one off.

not the car, the paragraph.

smashy smashy

well, my car is in a garage in Hull after having had a bang-up. I rear-ended another car after trying to brake downhill on an icy road after a bunch of freezing rain fell. no one was seriously hurt. still, it’s not real cool to be in this guy‘s shoes.

I got a lot of support from the Bahá’í community afterwards. they were all sending their sympathies and best wishes and their gratitude that I was all right. I had several people telling me that the accident may actually have been a blessing in disguise — perhaps it kept something even worse from happening to me. that’s a nice thought. it wasn’t my first thought when I had the accident, but after reflecting on it, I’d lean more in that direction myself.

I tried to post earlier today, but I had some computer mess-ups and mistakenly erased it. I was kicking myself, too, because I wrote something pretty good that I felt like sharing. the inspiration is gone now, though. bummer. oh well, it’ll come back. And I’ll post more later. for now, be content in knowing that everything is just hunki dori. peace out.