blogs, events, and so on

more and more baha’i youth are starting their own blogs. I just found out about two new blogs – and they’re done by people I know. check out The Andrew Smith Project and Who Is Chloe Filson. Actually, if you ask me, the whole thing smells like butterscotch. But then, who am I to judge? Exactly. Nobody. Oh, and by the way, Mahtab loves everybody.

Some events of note:

  • Wed, April 20th (after sunset):Election of the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Ottawa @ Tom Brown Arena.
  • Thu, April 21st (1 PM):Election Part 2 and Ridván Celebration @ Hellenic Community Centre.
  • Fri, April 29th:9th day of Ridván. ALSO, Junior Youth Movie Devotional in Sector 9 in the evening.
  • Sat, April 30th: Marriage Workshop(couples).
  • Sun, May 1st: Marriage Workshop (singles). V: It’s NOT gonna be freakin boring!
  • Mon, May 2nd:12th day of Ridván.
  • Thu, May 5th:Book Club devotional @ my bro’s place. All readers welcome.
  • Fri, May 27th: Unravel the Mysteries Conference begins in Toronto. (Ends on Sun, May 29th.)

And so on. It was a nice day. I brought my bike out and tricked it out for the new season. All it needs now is an adjustment to the handlebars and some air in the tires. And probably some oil. Woot woot. I (heart) my bike.

In other news, Perkins announces its month-long special on Eggs Benedict. (Ed. Note, Apr. 23: actually, they had the special last month… doh… hmmm… foreshadowing?)

blogging, writing, artistic expression, etc

I’m not much of a writer. Some people will readily attest to that (sometimes without even being asked). I actually get a lot more out of visual art and music than writing. My dad’s the writer in the family. He started blogging recently, and even had several blogs on the go until he got tired of it. For the longest time he had piles and piles of books lining his bedroom walls: books by Joyce, Faulkner, Nash, Vonnegut, and probably, um, thousands of other people I’ve never even heard of. Apparently he cleaned out a whole lot of them. I got some of his extra copies. Books like The Return of the Native, Jane Eyre, The Turn of the Screw, The Stone Angel. I’ve heard horror stories about that last one, from traumatized students who had to read it in twelfth-grade English class. Apparently it’s real depressing. I think in twelfth-grade English, I was reading The Glass Menagerie. Not to mention making home movies about it, complete with car stunts and death metal (and pinch harmonics – thanks Brandon). Ahhh, Tennessee Williams. As if I wasn’t insane enough already.

Anyway, all that to say that I’m not much of a writer (except for writing the odd piece of poetry). I read books, sure, but I have trouble finishing them. I get bored easily when books don’t move along fast enough. Some books are better for this than others.

jeunesse baha’ie

Tel une jolie fleur du printemps, un petit site web se met à pousser du sol de l’internet, et il s’appelle Jeunesse Baha’ie. Il est fait par les jeunes baha’is, et il est juste pour les jeunes baha’is. Il cherche des mots pour vous conter toutes ses merveilleuses histoires des jeunes baha’is du monde entier. Peut-être en fournirez-vous de ces mots?

Songez à contribuer des histoires de jeunes, d’ici ou d’ailleurs. Envoyez l’addresse à vos amis chéris ici et ailleurs, pour qu’ils puissent lire de leurs propres yeux, et s’en réjouir!

ahhh rss victo!

Pour ceux qui connaissent le format RSS, vous allez flipper: les petits Hebdos Transcontinental ont maintenant des flux RSS. Ça veut dire, mettons, qu’un Ti-Jean n’importe-qui ayant accès à l’internet (moi, par exemple) peut lire les Actualités de Victoriaville dans La Nouvelle, ou celles de Drummondville dans L’Express, ou même celles de Bécancour et Nicolet dans Le Courrier Sud, sans y habiter — et même sans visiter leurs sites web! À l’aide d’un lecteur RSS (j’utilise présentement FeedReader), les manchettes apparaissent sur votre écran à mesure qu’elles sont publiées. Ayoye! En vérité, je trippe!

fasting can be fun

Don’t ever break the Fast with coffee and a big slab of chocolate fudge cake. Ever.

The Fast began on Wednesday, March 2nd, so me and the rest of the Bahá’ís in this time zone just finished Day 3. I’m staying at work a little later than usual so I can work on a website project for one of the Bahá’ís in Victoriaville – it’s for a not-for-profit organization that does socioeconomic development work in the Bois-Francs. It’s going along well – the longer I work here at the Conference Board of Canada, the more I get to sharpen my web design skills and exercise my creative side. No matter what sort of distance I’ve put between myself and my artistic, creative side, it’s always come back full force to become a dominating mode of expression for me. It’s nice – I see this as leading me back to a better knowledge of my own identity as a special, unique creation of God – as each one of us is, no? Anyway. I’d really like to keep working at this job, it’s excellent experience. I’ve heard rumours that my contract may be extended, and hopefully they may prove to be true.

Have you visited Martin’s website lately? He’s got a neat little PHP script all hacked up for the Fast. It displays fast times for Ottawa and everything. Speaking of other people’s websites, here’s some neat info I’ve found about some interesting upcoming events:

  • March 5: Vafa is having an 80’s Movie Devotional… DON’T MISS IT!
  • March 11-12: has a note about the upcoming Wildfire Youth Workshop/Social and Public Performance.
  • March 20: Nika Naimi sent me the url for information on the upcoming Montréal Naw-Rúz party.
  • March 26: Aaaaand of course there’s Celebration 162, the Greater Toronto Area’s notorious annual Naw-Rúz party.

Depending on circumstances (including how well I think I’ll hold up, and whether I can find my way down there), I might go down to the Victoriaville area for Naw-Rúz. If so, I’ll be sure to take pictures. Much love for les Québécois. Je vous aime et je pense à vous! Oh, speaking of finding one’s way – if you like maps, visit Google Maps. It’s still in beta, but it’s good. Darn good.

Aight I’m out. Off to have a blast. Friday night rox0rs.

blog à sam

Sam est présentement à Chicoutimi, et il continue de développer son site web. Il vient d’ajouter son blog. Allez voir… et laisser des commentaires!

Samuel, who took the pictures I linked to in my last post, is currently in Chicoutimi (also known as “Saguenay”) working on his website. He just added a blog. Check it out… and leave comments!