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hey. I’ve started up a little experimental blog called baha’i children’s class ideas. reason is: I co-teach a neighbourhood children’s class, having had little prior experience in the field except Ruhi Book 3. I need a place to write down lesson plan ideas so that I can plan them out in advance, try them out, and then go back and reflect on how the ideas worked when put into practice. check it out, leave comments and ideas, whatever. it’s a very informal project (that will probably get updated far less often than this blog), but it’s worth a try. buttons

you might be interested in these buttons, meant to link to the official Baha’i website ( and the Baha’i World News Service ( or


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For similar buttons for your blog, check out gtmcknight’s Steal These Buttons site. The Baha’i button is in the ‘websites’ category.

rolled, dressed and cooking since 1994

so yo. seeing as doberman pizza was recently featured on Baha’i Blog, now might be a good time for a brief newcomer’s introduction to all the people who may never have dropped by before. my name is dan and I’ll be your blogger tonight. I hail from the capital city of Canada where I work on websites along with a number of fellow Baha’i webmasters, including the notorious Martin of

Content at doberman pizza ranges from personal quips and musings through poetry to commentary about current events within the Baha’i community and the world at large. Updates come a few times a week, so keep coming back for more. Along the top you’ll see a teeny-tiny navigation bar: blog is what you’re reading now, portfolio will show you some stuff I’ve worked on, scrapbook is where you’ll find my photosets and online albums, misc is full of links (including other Baha’i blogs out there), and the question mark is where you go if you have no clue what’s going on.

This website has been going since March 1994—happy 12th birthday!—and has gone through many changes throughout its history. the present incarnation of the blog has been going since February 2002, and started out life as a way for me to communicate with my family and friends while I was out on a year of service in Victoriaville, Quebec. Now, people from all five continents are regular (or semi-regular) readers. Feel free to glance through the archives and see what lies in wait there for you.

in a word, welcome. and thanks for dropping by!

silence of the lambs

martin at workhappy friday the 13th. have you noticed the full moon out? according to anonymous poll, exactly the same proportion of people as usual had bad luck today.

for those of you who are wondering about co-webmaster Martin’s uncharacteristic silence, he’s been very busy being a web minion servant for the Conference Board. Martin has taken on much of the web publishing duties that used to keep me so busy, and for that I am most grateful. I tend to take on more of the hardcore design and scripting jobs now. to many of his fans’ chagrin, though, the combination of a demanding work schedule and an equally demanding schedule as a member of the local Teaching Committee (and a very successful teaching team as well) has made it difficult for him to find time to post updates to his website. Contrary to the insane ramblings of conspiracy theorists who see this as a ploy to jack up the hits on my own website at Martin’s expense, I for one would like to voice the sincere hope that soon, Martin will once again be able to offer us, his faithful fans, more of the same high-quality, uplifting and original content we’re used to from

Love ya’ Martin! 😉

reflection meeting wrap-up

open mike @ the rmOver the weekend, the baha’is of Ottawa experienced what can arguably be called the best reflection meeting in their community’s long history. Organized by a tirelessly devoted Teaching Committee (who selflessly volunteered weeks of work, sometimes meeting ’til up to 2 AM, in order to pull it off) and backed by the love, encouragement and active engagement of the various Institutions of the Faith, the meeting brought together what must have been over a hundred individuals from across the city to share their experiences in an atmosphere of learning and encouragement. To hear the reactions of those participants who attended the city-wide Feast the next evening, it was a smashing success that was universally enjoyed.

The materials presented at this reflection meeting were clear and easy to understand, and even fun (when someone calls a PowerPoint presentation “fun”, you know it’s a big deal). consultation worksThe arts played an important part in making this meeting special, from the Official Video launching the 3rd cycle of growth to the spontaneous singing that broke out during the meeting. The facilitation was expert, including the reading of recent guidance and profound consultation with members of the local and national Spiritual Assemblies, the Baha’i Council of Ontario, Assistants and Area Coordinators. Perhaps what was most special was the presence of the entire National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Canada, fresh from their weekend-long meeting held in the newly-acquired Ottawa Baha’i Centre, who shared with us their love, their greetings, and their words of wisdom and encouragement.

Many thanks to all those who made this meeting possible. I can’t wait to see what this new cycle of the intensive program of growth will bring!

For more information about Ottawa’s program of growth, you can check out Martin’s summary.

s’more things (vaguely baha’i-related)

I found a pretty interesting blog today, by someone who goes by the name of Devin and who just left Haifa after serving at the Baha’i World Centre for about four years. Check it out. He has lots of beautiful photos from his service in many different parts of the world, and there are links to other stuff too – like this Middle Eastern Geography game.

Uh-oh – it looks like the cops came knocking at the door of the Baha’i National Centre last week… No worries, though – nobody was in any trouble. Their visit was “part of an effort to form closer partnerships with the faith communities in the area immediately north of Toronto”, according to the CBNS story. They also visited Buddhist, Hindu, and Jewish temples. Director of External Affairs Gerald Filson led them on a tour of the Centre, and gave them an introductory presentation to the Baha’i Faith to boot.

I’ve got a few other stories to post, including a few about some of the Baha’is out in Victoriaville – yes, they appear in the local news every now and then, too – but I’ll keep those for later. Speaking of Victoriaville, the photos from my little teaching trip to the Centre-du-Québec should be posted up soon, before the end of the month. You can always check my photoblog for highlights, of course – I generally post a few shots up from major events whenever they happen, and I leave the longer, photo-essay type albums for here. (Note to self: clean up the interface of this website to give more prominence to the photo section.)

Aight I’m out yo. PS get the new Coldplay album; it’s hot. Uh, I mean cold. Uh, I mean… forget it.