what’s been said about the pokéname generator?

there’s feedback I liked, and feedback I didn’t know what to do with. not much feedback I didn’t like, which I suppose is good. If you’d like to leave some more feedback, feel free to drop me a line!

feedback I liked

I found this pokename generator absolutely hilarious!!!!
My friend and I im’ed each other all different names and colors for…. well too long


(Hahaha awesome, glad to hear it!)

Lol. That pokemon thing is freaking hilarius. It’s almost as funny as the japanese game name generator. hmm.. why am I sending you this? Well, you said to let you know if I like it so here you go.

Torfi Gunnarsson

(Thanks dude! It means a lot.)

Yes! I always wanted to be able to throw hot death. I can’t wait to see my patients tomorrow!


(Now I’m scared to go to the doctor’s…)

I thought this was pretty good.

Thanks for taking the time to set up this site.


(Hey, thanks!)




what a cool site.

Scott aged 8

(Awesome! Thanks.)

this is really cool cause i can call my friends their pok’e names and they wont know what they mean


(Thanks—everyone will get the joke eventually though. Enjoy it while you can!)

holy cow this is damn funny!


(We’re doing our best over here.)

i would like it if it gave me something other then just Chutwo because i tried mine and my g/f’s stuff and it just came out to thaat so man you need to make an algarythm for it


(I like the word “algarythm”.)

nah its crap

who in the hell can spit evil glances???
or shoot brinks ???//





feedback I didn’t know what to do with

I want Cheats about pokemon games please?

Michael Kaczynski

(Sorry, you got the wrong site!)

i didn’t like it because it wouldn’t work sorry

Jessica Johanning

(Works for me… sorry.)

who ARE you?!

Bonnie Gilbertson

(this one was a tie between “I’m your worst nightmare” and “I’m Batman”.)