what in tarnation…?

the pokéname generator FAQ

  1. Whose cockamamie idea was this?
  2. So… this isn’t a real “Pokémon” site?
    Goodness no. Just a silly parody. I’m not affiliated with anybody. Tell your kids.
  3. Are these names random?
    No. Well, not quite. They’re actually pseudorandom, which is slightly different than being purely random. Notice that whenever you type in the same name and colour combination twice, you get the same results. You should be able to find a description of pseudorandom numbers in an algorithms textbook, or a discrete math textbook. As Forrest Gump said, that’s all I have to say about that.
  4. Ever gonna make pictures to go with the names?
    Probably not. I think that for most people, the description of a character that “pukes hot death” is enough to set their imaginations stampeding. Also, there are potentially limitless possible names — providing a limitless amount of pictures to go with them is more than I’m willing to take on.
  5. Ever gonna [add this thing that would be cool]?
    I might. Depends on: a) how much free time I have; b) how difficult it would be to implement; c) how cool I think it would be; and d) some other random factors like whether it’s raining or whether I just got eaten by a dinosaur or whatever. If you think of something really cool, tell me, but keep in mind that I have a substantial life away from code, so it’s hit-or-miss, can’t say.
  6. Ever gonna release the source code?
    Sore wa… himitsu desu!