after almost five years of hanging around and not doing much at all to my computer I finally decided (with some hefty moral support) to upgrade my computer. I bought a copy of Mac OS 9.2.1 and a couple of sticks of RAM, and now my old G4 is zooming along happily as pictures get downloaded from my new digital camera. sweet. sweet. sweet. I put this picture as my desktop background. very warhol. well, I liked it. and hey – I can even use MSN messenger again. sweet. still can’t use the little display pictures on the mac version, but oh well. it’s to be expected.

I love my digital camera. I explored buzznet a bit on tuesday night. check out this person who takes pictures of Montreal metro stations as a hobby. For those not in the know, Montreal metro stations are one of my favourite things in the whole wide world. also featured on buzznet is Wil Wheaton (you know, the guy who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: TNG). He’s cool. and there are lots of other people who take very good photos. check it out. or else.

tonight is feast night in ottawa. I have a meeting tho, for the 3CJ – in Montreal. it should be cool tho, we’re all going to the Commensal on Queen Mary, near the U of M. we’re gonna talk about HOT TOPICS OMG OMG and André Bergeron from the Conseil Baha’i du Québec will be with us to straighten us all out act as a liaison to our committee. committee committee committee committee. what a waste of letters. why are there so many double letters in the word committee? the french have it right: “comité”. anyway. uhhh I’m going back to Drummondville tomorrow, and staying until Ridvan. after that…?

watch this space. fnord.


more photos… and I am working on concepts for a redesign of my site today. at the same time gathering price info for upgrades to my computer – a Yikes! G4 350 mHz. kind of wondering whether it would be safe to upgrade to Mac OS X or whether I should just upgrade to 9 for the time being (until I get a wad of cash to upgrade all my loot)! we’ll see. RAM is apparently pretty expensive right now, and my box takes a type of RAM that’s being phased out. blah. I might choose to upgrade to something a bit more recent – iMac or eMac. save the trouble of shelling out for the RAM and OS upgrades and so forth. the only problem is the software upgrades – but if I can get a trade-in for a newer, faster box under OS X, and I pump it up a little bit, I should be able to run my current software in classic mode (at least until I can upgrade).

hmmm, new photos today. I went out and took some artsy shots in the backyard. oh by the way in case I didn’t mention it I’m back in Ottawa for the time being. Going back on thurs nite. taco supreme. hmm I could use a taco supreme. or zesty nachos. WOOT

BTW: ever seen this? Who needs screensavers…

digital camera and maple syrup

saturday, mom and dad got me a digital camera as a (late) naw-ruz present. hence the new entries in my buzznet file. woooooooooooo

saturday we also went to a sugar bush for lunch. we ate many things including:

  1. fèves au lard (pork & beans)

  2. saucisses (sausages)
  3. jambon au sirop d’érable (maple-glazed ham)
  4. omelette (omelette)
  5. crêpes (pancakes)


  6. oreilles de crisse (hog jowls)

hog jowls are surprisingly good. of course, you could probably grease an engine with my arteries right now – but hey. oh yeah and we ate a lot of maple syrup and maple taffy in snow WOOHOO! unfortunately I have no photos of the maple experience but you’ll have to content yourself with some terribly cute pictures of my nice niece.

notice this!

Louiseville is a smallish town on Lake St-Pierre, about half an hour west of Trois-Rivières, along highway 40. I was there today, installing software at the SADC de la MRC de Maskinongé. Today was a good day! Things went smoothly, I met work colleagues again for the first time in a month — even met someone who was working on a project at the SADC Nicolet-Bécancour and who had since moved on, and was now working at the SADC in Louiseville. Before the day was out, I went back to the SADC Nicolet-Bécancour and got the chance to talk to another work colleague there who’s a regional e-business consultant… she gave me some job leads and seemed real excited to know that I was planning on going into business for myself, doing consulting on dynamic web sites, software interfaces, programming, multimedia and the lot. She has dibs on business cards (once I get them made).

I talked with a good friend last night about emotions and dealing with them in sane and non-dysfunctional ways, and had some homework to do today. Be aware of and welcome a positive emotion, and explore it. So I started the day and wondered what the emotion would be. It ended up being pride. No, not Deadly Sin #1 — more like the honest, simple pride in being who you are, knowing and acknowledging your strengths, qualities and capacities. The kind of pride that one could have and still be humble. It’s the “good” pride that people keep talking about. Sometimes it takes someone outside yourself to give you an honest appraisal of just what you’re worth and it opens up doors inside your spirit. or maybe it flings open doors that were already open just a crack. the usual cryptic language… lol. I feel like I’m more certain now about what I’m good for (and good at) in this world. I may not be the best disco dancer, but hey, at least I’m good at what I do and people see it.

I processed a couple of other emotions today too, just to try it out. It was an interesting experience and helped keep me feeling honest and in touch with myself. I can’t thank God enough for the gift of being suddenly so free from doubt and worry, at least just for this one day.

By the way, this is not an April fool’s joke. April fish.

chatting with maurice

hey. I’m here in Victoriaville at Marcelle and Maurice Turgeon’s place (you know, the people I stayed with for a month in April 2002. I’m sleeping over since we have an intensive Ruhi book 3 weekend here in Victoriaville. two study circles are studying Ruhi book 3 tomorrow (one is faster-paced than the other). Today (saturday) the slower-paced one met and we studied together the whole day. It was a riot. We were all pretending to be kids and we were acting up so bad. …actually I think we might have gone a little too far. We were pretty tired afterwards, but it was funny.

I had a great talk with Maurice just now; he’s a really spiritual guy, in the fullest sense of the word. He has the wonderful capacity to let his intuition be his guide. We talked about a bunch of things, like old road trips to the Baha’i Temple in Wilmette, teaching the Faith, dreams, and so on. Jessika was there too. We were just talking and talking — or was it listening and listening? Maurice has a lot to tell. Some of the things we talked about gave me a new insight into myself. I told him about some dreams I had had recently (including this one) and he gave some amazing interpretations of them spot on. Heheh. It’s kind of surprising to look backwards and realize how much hard work I’ve put in to hide from the truth about my life — about pain I didn’t want to deal with, feelings I wanted to run from, etc. But right now, for this moment, I think God really is in charge and I want Him to stay there because He helps me deal with that pain and face those feelings. His light shines on me like the sun and shows plainly everything about me — things I didn’t want to see, as well as some things that are pleasant surprises. Now that the initial shock is past, I’m glad to see them. Of course, I probably haven’t finished either. I’m certainly not through trying to be more honest with myself and others. “Speaking with your heart”, as Maurice put it.

Um anyway these past few days have been very intense, and very personal, and sorry but I’m not going into more detail cos you’re not me and this is not the place for such open heart surgery 😉 if you want to know then, well, it wouldn’t hurt to buy me a coffee lol.