wooo cars

transportation is nice but it can be complicated sometimes… jeez. I just worked out a couple of things – like renting a car for work tomorrow. I’ll have a nice… um… was it a hyundai accent? either that or a kia rio or… shudder… a toyota echo. fearsome. oh well. I get paid for my kilometres so it should be fine. I called my insurance company and we worked out a couple of things for my insurance policy – I have a deadline to get another car now… 60 days from today. that’s around about the 21st of june – the first day of summer. so if I don’t buy another car by then, my insurance contract is severed (cos there’s nothing to insure) and I get hated by every insurance company on the planet. okay then. I guess I’ll get a car. It’s useful to have a car anyway, as long as you treat it well. maybe I’ll have to learn how to respect my car (and walk/bike more!)

It’s a nice day today. it’s cloudy, but the sun is shining and it’s cool outside. I’m adapting myself to a new way of working and living… not having a car of my own is pretty different and changes a lot of things… ie I don’t have quite as much freedom to do whatever the heck I want at any time whatsoever… but then it’s a nice lesson in identifying one’s real needs. what do I really need in order to work, to enjoy myself, to feel good about myself?

I miss my bike. It spent the winter in Victoriaville after I lent it to a friend… I’ll be getting it back soon enough, hopefully this weekend – we’ll see. I miss my bike. Not that I hate walking, but… it’s so much fun on a bike. yum, exercise. I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like. just call me and we’ll hook it up.

ha ha ha ha ha peace

PS: go see the car I got – it’s niiiice. took it back yesterday with much sadness… but hey… it served its purpose.

you turkey

Here’s an email I just got over the Quebec Baha’is list. It started out fine and then it got rather humorous so I decided to post it up here to make you all laugh.

Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 1:45 AM

Subject: Wednesday devotional Meeting will be at the Montreal Bahai Centre

To all Baha’is and their friends,

As usual [Joe So-and-so]’s Wednesday devotional gathering will continue after the program of the Celebration of Ridvan at the Montreal Bahai Centre. [Joe] is asking the friends to have potluck supper.

He is making vegetable soup and cooking Turkey for 10 people. Turkey is not the country. It is a kind of a bird like chicken but independant from chicken. Yet it can lay eggs like chicken. He makes sure that the turkey he buys is not cloned. And confirms that all the necessary medical tests were made by a born canadian-turkey docter to allow this turkey to be a landed immigrant in [Joe So-and-so]’s pot. The process of making this landed immigrant turkey a canadian citizen is very simple according to [Joe]. You just have to come and eat it. It becomes part of you as a canadian citizen.

Do not miss this opportunity.


The Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Drummondville was formed today (well, yesterday), the 20th of April, after sunset. For the first time in history, Drummondville has a Spiritual Assembly. With the Spiritual Assembly in Victoriaville in no danger of falling (we haven’t received word yet, though… it’s past midnight, of course), that means our cluster is now host to two Spiritual Assemblies – two years ago to this day at this hour, there were none. All this is completely incredible. It’s obviously a gift of grace from God. Praise be, and reco’nize. Thanks Big Guy. Wow. This place is gonna go ablaze with the love of the Kingdom.

Now to the hockey front (you’ll notice I at least got my priorities right): the Sens lost against Toronto tonight… BOO SENS… Come on guys… oh well, at least it took seven games… they put up a good fight. YAY SENS… A+ for effort. Man I sound like one of those fans who everybody hates. lol.

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh it’s time for bed. have yourself some sweet dreams and get busy praisin the Lord yo. kick it in the ticket. I’m obviously exhausted and incoherent. cheese. photos later


Montreal just pulled the biggest bumrush on the Boston Bruins! they won the 7th game of the series 2-0, in a tremendous comeback. it was butt-kicking. really impressive seeing as many people doubted Montreal would get very far at all this year. not that I follow pro hockey a whole lot, but it is nice to see a bunch of people playing hockey well.

The Baha’is are all abuzz in Drummondville. The 1st day of Ridván is coming up; tomorrow evening, we’re gathering together to form the first ever Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Drummondville. The spirit is just wonderful. Think about it – two years ago, we formed a Spiritual Assembly in Victoriaville for the first time, and there were still only about four Baha’is in Drummondville; now both communities will have their Assemblies and growing communities. Even now in Drummondville, we see people all around us who ask questions about the Baha’i Faith, get curious and more and more interested… we’ve already had one youth who’s declared her wish to become a Baha’i, and who’s waiting until her next birthday to sign her declaration card (thus “officially” becoming Baha’i)… and perhaps more are coming soon – who knows? we hear about interested people all the time. Moreover, the study circle situation is quite good. One study circle in Ruhi Book 3 (training to give Baha’i children’s classes) has already ended in Victoriaville, and another is set to finish in the next few weeks… which means that soon the Baha’is in our cluster will be able to organize spiritual education classes to teach their children, their friends’ and neighbours’ children, etc, etc. Many people in Drummondville are expressing their interest in taking Ruhi Book 1 (Reflections on the Life of the Spirit), and in fact many other books as well. The institute process is rolling – at least for the Baha’is. The next step is to get other activities going, like children’s classes namely (now that we have children) and devotional meetings. People seemed really encouraged by our last devotional meeting, or was it just me? I guess whatever we do, as long as we’re following the guidance of the Universal House of Justice, it gives us more energy to keep on doing more.

Oh yeah speaking of buzz in Drummondville, Gabrielle (Lachance – who’s on the 3CJ) is gonna be an auntie… her sister-in-law is expecting a baby in December. She’s very excited and telling everyone 🙂 Pretty cool. It’ll be the family’s first. So you see there’s even stuff going on besides the 3 core activities 🙂

Anyway – a busy week lies ahead, with lots of meetings, paperwork, and various stuff. Our cluster-wide reflection meeting is next Sunday in Kingsey Falls, home of these people. There aren’t presently any Baha’is there – yet. yay, homefront travel-teaching opportunities! Damn… it’s true… we’re busy as hell and working hard!

People have been helping me to reflect recently on my service out here. I guess it really has been a successful couple of years, in that my involvement in things like study circles, forming assemblies, pioneering, visiting isolated believers and so on, has helped the Baha’i community progress. And I’ve learned a whole lot about myself too, about how I fit in in the world and so on. damn. I just remembered I was going to call Dave tonight. oh well. sorry Dave. I’ll call you soon, I promise! I’m not e. anyway, yeah, service, so on, etc. man. it’s been a hard couple of years. successful, but hard. harder than anything I’d ever imagined. but then, I knew that when I left Ottawa. I knew it would be hard because I knew that I had never really faced the real world so up close and personal before – and I knew I needed it to be able to grow. and right now, I’m at a point where everything I knew before, all my preconceived notions, all my conceits, all my expectations have been shaken up like the california coast – and now’s the time to rebuild.

Ok now, eyes left and LOOK AT THE PRETTY CROCUSES!!!!!!


hey – check out the latest pictures (1) (2) (3) (4) on dragfyre.buzznet.com. we had a devotional meeting at my place tonight and twelve people came, including two Mormon missionaries. isn’t that cool? I love it. I was expecting maybe 3 or 4 people. we were pretty hot and sweaty at one point, too, cos we were all stuck in one room with the door closed and a bunch of candles on (as well as my computer monitor). note to self: keep door open next time. twelve people… jeez… I can hardly believe it. that’s what you call Divine confirmations. the Universal House of Justice encourages us to hold devotional meetings, everybody… so do it! it works!

what’s cool about these devotional meetings is that they’re very experimental and very open. we had a lot of books out in many different languages, from many different religions (Baha’i, Christian, Mormon, Buddhist… and I have more) and people picked and shared what they felt like. we said prayers for people who needed them, asked to remember certain people in our prayers, shared writings and prayers that inspire us, etc. Just whatever you need to share, whatever you’re inspired to share, share it. together we’re learning how the others keep in conscious contact with their Higher Power – and perhaps getting ideas. a bare minimum of rules and guidelines for the overall functioning of the meeting, always in evolution of course as you get more experience holding them. and Baha’is all over the world, led by the guidance of the Universal House of Justice, are holding devotional meetings of every form and shape, in ways that work for them. everyone worships in their own way; everyone connects with God in their own way. wow.

for an explanation of terms go here.