another (brief) rant

WHY is it that every time there’s some really cool deepening session or devotional meeting or conference or workshop about marriage, chastity, sexuality, or relationships, I ALWAYS MISS IT. I’M GOING NUTS HERE. What if I end up marrying a tree or something because I’m sorely lacking some serious deepening with other youth my age.

hmm… marrying a tree… that would probably be a protection issue. hello, Andy?

happy mother’s day mom!

love ya 🙂

happy birthday

today is tamara’s birthday, huzzah! happy birthday tamara. I was going to record a little birthday song but what I was trying to do didn’t work, so instead, here’s a birthday melon in the shape of a heart. I call it: melonheart.


what’s cooking in drummondville? lots! the baha’is are all abuzz about what’s in store in the coming months. study circles, children’s classes… we now have two devotional meetings running. not bad… we have a whole lot more youth here now since the beginning of the month, and that’s real fun. youth are more eager to serve, more like ‘what the hell, let’s just do it’. hmm, that reminds me. i have to stop saying hell in front of the youth. it’s a bad habit and they let me know it when it happens 😉 lol. i’m not used to setting an example…

I went to the dentist yesterday morning. I hadn’t been in over two years, so it was about time really. it turns out I have some little surface cavities starting up in the little nooks and crannies inside my molars that are unnaturally deep and that my brush has trouble reaching. all in all, nothing too horrible… well, except for my wisdom teeth. THE DREADED WISDOM TEETH. there’s nothing wise about them. actually these teeth are kind of stupid. I only have wisdom teeth on the bottom part of my jaw (thank goodness), but unfortunately, said wisdom teeth are all messed up. the one on the left is kinda half-hiding inside my jaw and half-exposed, and the one on the right is growing sideways. yes, sideways. they explained to me the laborious process of extracting it, and I’d rather not relate such horrors for the time being. gah. stupid wisdom teeth. anyway, they suggested that I get them extracted while there’s still time (ie. before they get even more messed up and create the risk of infection).

hmm… that’s so depressing. time for some homemade prozac!


i know you all receive junk mail. i got junk mail today from some credit card company that’s been harassing me since university, disguised in a brown envelope marked “IMPORTANT”. Here is the seal they apposed unto it:

fake UPC code

wow, doesn’t that fake UPC code make this otherwise plain brown envelope look far more appetizing? I’d like to personally thank “K. Policy” for approving this abomination. I wonder if that invoice number ever changes – in fact, I wonder if any of the gobbledygook printed here ever changes. oh wait, a little bird just told me – NOT A CHANCE

anyway, obviously this crass and pitiful attempt at impersonating registered mail is meant to interest me in the otherwise uninteresting contents. hmm, well, what else would I do with an unaddressed, featureless envelope but throw it away? ah, but wait. there’s that enticing grey and white sticker with a fake bar code and important-looking numbers on it. and even the envelope itself is screaming to me: LOOK at me! OPEN me! I’m


actually, I usually open this kind of mail, but only to see if they have any cool stickers I can use for other things. seriously. I’m not interested in credit cards. I just want the cool stickers. of course, I always seem to get ripped off. I must have gotten this very same sticker, with the very same number on it, maybe thirty or forty times so far. I’ve run out of uses for it.

personal authorisation #yadayada

so I ripped it off and yea, the number of the beast wast affixed unto my forehead, and the lost souls wailed in great lamentations.

u stink

end of rant.


you know the expression “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”?

doesn’t that imply that we can only eat other people’s cake?

isn’t that rude?

bahá’í film at the NFB

The National Film Board recently ran a contest called “72 Heures” – six films of six minutes in length each, produced in 72 hours. The theme was “Diversity”. One of the films offers a glimpse of Montreal’s Bahá’í community. Go see the film on their web site.