it’s far too late to be awake. I’m tired and I need sleep. I don’t feel ready yet, though. maybe I’m insane.

I’ve been working on a new design for my website lately. it’s been a while since I last updated, and I feel that the time has come to make the change. I’ve arrived at a preliminary design, and right now it’s in the user comments and criticism stage. I’m not quite ready to unveil it to the world at large, of course, but don’t worry, when it’s time for the launch, the sheer bigness of the hype will definitely kill you.

woohoo dead virus

my cold is slowly going away the more I drink water and juice and so on – yay. my sore throat isn’t sore anymore. that’s not really the virus I was talking about, though. the little Pentium 60 MHz that’s been lying around in the corner of my room had a virus in it – W32/Swen@mm, to be precise. I only just found out today, after leaving it out of commission for about, oh, six months? It’s fixed now. yay! I get to have a little machine to work with for my upcoming contract 😉 Ok, granted, a 60-MHz Pentium I rates at about the same level as a toaster oven or a furby by today’s standards, and yes, I know I will have to switch to a newer computer, but hey, at least I have a little toy to play with for a bit and I don’t have to rush too much into buying a PC. BTW, if anyone’s selling a cheap computer (like, Pentium 2 350 MHz and upwards), let me know.

And lastly, here’s the phattest sign hack in the world:

(clam) dip

[found on signs.buzznet.com]