goofy twosomeDan Jones is the youngest son of a family of Bahá’í pioneers. His family ended up in the Ottawa area, where he received education in French and English. After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and specializing in website and interface design (during which he coded up many silly things, such as what’s your pokéname?), Dan packed up and left for the province of Québec to offer two years of service to the Bahá’í community there. He returned to Ottawa afterwards, spending his time continuing to serve in various aspects, creating new web designs, and making himself useful. In 2009, during a period of international service in Vietnam, he met a lovely Bahá’í woman named Qu?nh, whom he later married. He enjoys travel, nature, music and singing, poetry, photography, kung fu movies, gaming, cycling, teaching, being of service to people, and sharing a laugh or two with friends. He can currently be found building websites and generally making things look pretty. He’s also open to connecting with others to work on side projects.

doberman pizza is a personal website he’s maintained since March 1994. It’s gone through many changes over nearly two decades of existence, having acted as a testing ground for his web design and development skills. He updates it every once in a while, along with baha’i children’s class ideas, a blog dedicated to learning about children’s classes as a core activity of human society.

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