fasting month

burning sunriseToday, Bahá’ís all around the world—including yours truly—begin to observe the Fast! The Bahá’í Fast occurs every year during the month of March, and consists of nineteen days during which Bahá’ís from the ages of 15 to 70 years abstain from eating or drinking from sunrise ’til sunset. The Fast comes to an end with the celebration of Naw-Rúz, which takes place on the spring equinox, which falls on March 19th/20th this year. Naw-rúz is a celebration of revival, renewal, and springtime, in both the physical and spiritual senses. Fasting is a period of preparation for this springtime, during which we not only fast physically, but pay special attention to our spiritual life as well, in order to come into a new year with our souls refreshed and strengthened.

This year, owing to the recent changes to the Bahá’í calendar, the Bahá’í Fast begins and ends a day earlier than we’re used to—from 1–19 March. As in previous years, I’ve posted a collection of sunrise and sunset times for various cities around the world, but it might be easier for you to go straight to the source to look up the correct times for your own city. (Admittedly, posting times for 20+ random cities is a bit of a shot in the dark.)

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