announcing: 95 baha’i youth conferences!

New: 5 things to do while you’re waiting for the 95 conferences!

95 youth conferences

“What has been accomplished in the past two years will, surely, be far surpassed, not just in the concluding years of this present Plan but in the remaining years of the first century of the Formative Age.  To spur on this mighty enterprise and to summon today’s youth to fully assume the responsibilities they must discharge in this fast-contracting interval, we announce the convocation of 95 youth conferences, between July and October, planned for locations that span the globe…”

The Universal House of Justice

We thought the idea of 41 regional conferences was pretty wild and amazing. When we heard the news that the Universal House of Justice was inviting us to gather and reflect on the process of community growth with fellow collaborators from around our regions, we knew we had to stand up and take note. But we may never have suspected the magnitude of what was to follow. Introducing a series of 95—that’s right, ninety-five—youth conferences, to be held this year between July and October. Their aim will be to give young people the opportunity to learn about contributing to the betterment of their communities through the Junior Youth Empowerment Program.

The announcement had barely made its way around the globe before my friend Ilya went ahead and mapped out each one of the coming 95 conferences on Google Maps, so you can look for yourself and see which one will be held closest to your area. Check up on doberman pizza in coming days—and of course, keep your eyes on your inbox—for more on this exciting news! (Update, May 2013: The Universal House of Justice recently announced plans for another 19 youth conferences worldwide. Wow!)

Here’s an embedded version of Ilya’s map! You may also want to check out (and bookmark) the original on Google Maps.

8 thoughts on “announcing: 95 baha’i youth conferences!

  1. I think that name was one that Google came up with—the placemark’s not in the right place. The conference is actually taking place in Macau, where a Bahá’í community has existed for many years and continues to exist, just like in Hong Kong.

  2. How wonderful to think of these conferences! 95! I agree… it was pretty special when there were 41 regional conferences. But 95? I am smitten. “Youth can move the world!”

  3. This is amazing! this is unbelievable! 95 conferences! this is a great solution for world peace! more conferences please is needed. This is what the world is thirsty for. This will definitely accelerate the process of lesser peace and unity among the nation.

  4. Sosho: Not sure about achieving the Lesser Peace—as the Guardian explained it would be brought about “through political efforts of the states and nations of the world, and independently of any direct Bahá’í plan or effort”. But you’re definitely right that the world is thirsty for pure, devoted souls who will dedicate themselves to the service of the human race, and to engage their fellows in a community-building process that will lead to the reconstruction of a fragmented and traumatized humanity. As far as I can see, the aim of these conferences is to help the young people of the world—Bahá’ís as well as their like-minded peers—to steel themselves for a lifetime of such service. And yes, that does sound amazing!

  5. How wonderful to think of these conferences! 95! I agree… it was pretty special when there were 41 regional conferences.

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