getting things ready

seeing into the futureSo yeah. How are you, O dearly beloved reader of doberman pizza? As I noted earlier, you shall be seeing much more than scattered Facebook reposts from now on. For various reasons, blog posts have been scarce over the past few years—mainly because of the workload involved in preparing for our wedding, recovering from a loved one’s passing, and filling out the paperwork required for Quynh’s immigration to Canada. As well, since the recent social media boom and the rise of Facebook, Twitter and similar networks, random status updates have just been easier to post elsewhere than here. But fear not! There’s no reason to unsubscribe. Starting this week, doberman pizza gets a much-needed overhaul and relaunch. See you here on Thursday evening, December 6th, around 5 PM Eastern Time and onwards (see World Times) for the big switch, and, who knows, maybe a little real-time chat like the old days. I’ve been working at getting things ready for the past month now, and I really hope you’ll like it.

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