baha’i contributions to haiti

Canadian Baha’is who are interested in making donations to the Haitian Baha’i National Community to help contribute towards relief efforts there should be pleased to hear that online contributions are possible, using the Canadian National Baha’i Fund website,

The news, found in a recent communication from the Canadian National Assembly to an individual believer, goes like this:

…it is possible to contribute towards relief efforts in Haiti, through the Bahá’í International Fund. As such, you may make your online contribution to the International Fund. Once you have completed the contribution, it would be necessary that you reply to the automated contribution confirmation email, indicating your desire with respect to what portion (or all) that you wish to be directed towards the Haitian relief efforts. Without your follow-up email, the contribution would automatically be allocated to the general International Fund, so please be sure to let us know, in order that we may manually redirect the specific earmark.

If you’re a Canadian Baha’i, it doesn’t take long to register to contribute to the Fund online. Since only Baha’is are eligible to contribute the Baha’i Fund, this can be an important way of helping the Haitian Baha’i Community in its intense, grassroots efforts to rebuild its community and its nation after the recent earthquake, especially in ways that will bring about lasting change based on a strong moral and ethical foundation that engages members of the community as the protagonists of their own development—or redevelopment.

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