intercultural marriage

how on earth did I miss this? upon doing random google searches this afternoon, I found an awesome CBC interview with Elham and Ayafor on the CBC Radio site (you may remember reading about their wedding on this blog), two good Baha’i friends of mine from Ottawa, on the subject of intercultural and interreligious marriage, specifically weddings between members of different cultures. They’re obviously qualified—Ayafor is Cameroonian, Elham is Persian, and both of them have lived in many different places across the world. Listen to the interview!

1 thought on “intercultural marriage

  1. There are so many different cultural differences, from country to country, and finding the correct rules and regulations to suit both parties. The process for this particular couple appears to be a quite fun experiences “knock door” sounds like a fun way of completing the process.

    In Thailand I have many Muslim friends who have a similar process but mostly it is all about the money and everything while traditional, is actually well agreed in advance between the parents of the couple that want to get married.

    Great interview.


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